Agape, Love Your Food @ Setiawalk


—- Agape has ceased operation —-

Hello peeps,
Today I am going to share about a non-halal European restaurant @ Setiawalk.
Anyone know which restaurant I’m talking about?
It’s Agape, love your food.
Agape is a European style restaurant which customer can satisfy their appetite with pork.

Last Friday, my friends and I were there for a simple farewell dinner.
One of them will be going to UK about 5 months,
so, I decided to have a gathering with them at Agape.
It was my first time dine in at Agape,
I chose there because I saw lots of good review when I searched for restaurant at Setiawalk.

Since none of us been to Agape,
it took us around 10 minutes to seek for this restaurant.
FYI, it is located at Block I,
so, it is more convenient if you park at Block I (Purple Label).
If you know Brussel, that’s Block I.
And Agape is right above Absolute Viet,
somewhere in the middle of Block I.
Actual address will be given at the end. =)

The crews gave us warm welcome when we first walk into Agape.
And soon, we adapted ourselves into the atmosphere there.
Why? Because of its interior design.
For me, the interior design of a dining place is quite important.
It can directly affect the emotion of their customers.
So, Agape is so successful to cheer me up and enjoy my moment with friends.

Every wall is full of photo frames,
one of my ideal design for my future house. =)
I love the designation of their bar too.
The decorations are simple but beautiful.


I really can’t stop myself admiring Agape’s interior design.
They even decorate the ceiling of the restaurant.
Okay, done the overlook of Agape.
Should go to the main — F&B!!!
If not, what are we coming for?
We ordered a bucket of Hoegaarden.
Customer can choose to drink in a bottle or in glass.
We choose to have it in glass,
but it is kinda weird to drink Hoegaarden with a Carlsberg glass. =\
You can also request changing to chilling glass when you feel your beer turns warm.
**Chilling glass is a frosty glass which keep the drink cool longer**
1 Bucket Hoegaarden @ RM72

We purposely order different dishes so that we can try each other’s dish. =D
This is the reason why it is always good to eat with friends.
But, all dishes we ordered are pork.
We have asked the lady boss to recommend us.
She is really helpful.
She first understand our requirements before suggesting us food.
I always think those who take f&b order are amazing,
some of them don’t need to write what you ordered,
but they can place your order correctly. =0
Same goes to Agape.

Since it was a Friday night,
and there were some customers came before us.
We waited for quite a long time to have our meals.
Our stomach was really empty,
and pray for the food can be served faster.
I don’t know how much time has passed,
finally our food come!!!!
Hooray~~~ Time to eat…
But first, let me take a photo. >.<

N5 Spaghetti Meatball @ RM16
P6 Kassler Rippchen (German Smoked Pork Loin) @ RM29
P2 Schweinnraten (German Style Roasted Pork) @ RM29
P10 Chipotle Crusted Pork Tenderlion @ RM29
For P10, it is quite spicy.
I only took the one which have less sauce,
I still can feel the spice and I need to drink water.
But, these dishes didn’t enough to wipe away our hunger.
So, we ordered some desserts.
I4 Double Scoops Ice-cream @ RM5
D1 Hot Steam Brownies @ RM10
We wanted to order waffle / banan cake as well.
But, both these desserts sold out. arghhhh… =(
The lady boss serve us a complimentary dessert!
Awww, so lovely and they are cute.
But then, they all are in our stomach. =p
Complimentary Mini Dessert 
Overall, we enjoyed ourselves that night at Agape.
We spent a total of RM212.30 for this dinner.
The food are tasty.
We rated 4.5 out of 5 for each food.
But we think the dessert is somewhat pricey.
Anyway, we appreciated the lady boss gave us a complimentary dessert.
Cute and delicious. =D
Of course, we took some photos for memoir.
And one of our friends who is at Singapore was envy…
Haha. So we decided to take a selfie with her too.
I guess next time your friend said you bo jio,
you can show them this. 😉
The first one seem like taking family photo huh?!
And the instax….
We were speechless.
And we come out a discussion,
restaurant crew should have trained basic photography skill.
Well, we cannot expect too much from others.
That isn’t their role to help us take photo. =\
Agape, Love your food
Address: Block I-5, 1st Floor, Setiawalk,
Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong New Village, Selangor.
(Near Brussel, and right above Absolute Viet)
Tel: 03-5882 0139
Operating Hour: Daily except Wednesday
12pm to 11.30pm (Last order 10pm)
FB Fanpage: Agape love your food
**You could book for private party in Agape, please contact them for further details**


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