Vietnam Kitchen @ One Utama

Go where makan a?
Eat what o?
Lunch/Dinner at where a?
Mamak again a?
Do you have the same problem when you want to fill up your stomach?
Think of what to eat is the most stressful routine ever… =(
Fast food? Mamak? 
Yes, I truly understand your pain.
Why don’t try out something new?
Erm… How about Vietnamese cuisine?
Recommending you, Vietnam Kitchen @ One Utama.

First of all, let me tell you a fact about me…
Everyone who had meal with me before will know that I am a super duper picky person!!!
Yes, I love food;
but I only eat what I think is nice.
I don’t eat Korean food, Thai food, Japanese food, bla bla bla…
I should say I only eat Chinese food and some Western food. =O
That’s also why I can’t be a food blogger… >.<

Why I want to say this?
Because everyone was surprised when I suggested to have meal at a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant.
I can’t pull myself out of Vietnamese cuisine.
I love them.
I guess this is fate.

The first time I exposed to Vietnamese cuisine was few years back in Adelaide, Australia.
My cousin sister-in-law is a Vietnamese.
So, when my family and I visited my cousin in Australia,
we were served more with Vietnamese cuisine.
And this is how I fall in love with Vietnamese cuisine. 

Okay, end of story…
Back to the point now~~
Vietname Kitchen, surely a restaurant which serve Vietnamese food.
This was the second time I dined in there.
It is located at new wing, 
just beside Chillis.
A site that is very easy to spot.

You can see their menu in front of Vietnam Kitchen.
And there is a table displaying their coffee products.



The crews are very attentive.
When we walked close to the restaurant,
one of them soon walked to us and lead us into the restaurant.

At the same time, another crew prepared a small plate of peanut for us.
They really work very fast.
I guess everyone loves this kind of service. 😉

Their menu is creative.
It seems like newspaper.
But, don’t worry, it wouldn’t get your hand dirty.

I still remembered last time I was dining in during my birthday,
but, I dropped my phone in taxi.
I have to go here and there to settle the phone service issue.
I couldn’t really enjoy my dinner that time. =(
Finally now, I can fully concentrate in choosing my meal. =D

I order a set of Grilled Lemon Grass Pork Chop.
The waiter tells me that it has little spicy.
Wow~~ Can he read my mind? 
Hahaha~~ Of course not.
He is just remind his customer maybe they don’t like spicy stuff.. =)
But, he told me it is just a little spicy, not that spicy.
Since he is so caring, I decided to order that still.
Along with a glass of orange juice.
While my dear ordered Sliced Beef Fried Noodle and a pot of tea.




Grilled Lemon Grass Pork Chop @ RM16.90

 Sliced Beef Fried Noodle @ RM12.90

Vietnamese Tea Pot @ RM4.50/pax
Overall, these few dishes costed us RM46++ including tax and service charges.
For us, the food is considered as big plate.
We were full and I think we need more exercise to burn the fats. 
By the way, my pork chop really very little spicy.
I didn’t taste much about the spice. 
For sure, I will visit Vietnam Kitchen again and try out different dishes. =D
= Details =
Name of Restaurant: Vietnam Kitchen
Address: No. S-312, 2nd Floor, One Utama Shopping Centre, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (Besides Chillis)
Tel/Fax: 03 7724 1336
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm daily

If you are OneCard holder, don’t forget to earn your points in Vietnam Kitchen. 😉


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