6 Restaurant Tips To Help You Save Money!

Eating out doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the good stuff and be a cheapskate. Follow these easy ways to save money at restaurants so you can start saving money while enjoying great meals at the same time! 

Tip #1: Don’t Split The Bill! 

The next time you’re dining with a group of friends; don’t ask to split the bill. You’re probably trying to figure out how not splitting the bill can help you to save money right? 

But trust us on this! You can save money by using a credit card that is optimised for dining, so ask the group of friends you’re dining with to see who has the best credit card! Of course after you score the discounts by using the credit card, you should pay your share to the credit card’s owner. Friends don’t let friends go broke by making them pay for everyone! 

Tip #2: Create Your Own Meal 

Mix it up and order from the appetiser section to create your own main meal. This way you’ll get to try out a bunch of different food options without causing major damage to your budget. Appetisers are generally cheaper than what a main meal would cost at restaurants, provided you don’t over order them! So the next time you’re dining out, remember an entrée’ is not your only choice for a meal. 

Tip #3: Skip the Fancy Drinks 

Don’t order fancy drinks when you’re dining at restaurants. Have water instead, this way you can save money and will have more to spend on food instead of wasting money on overpriced drinks. 

Tip #4: Get Social!

It pays to get social! Like or follow your favourite restaurants. You’ll be among the first to know of their latest promotions and any discounts or codes that are usually available only through their social media pages. You’ll also get to plan your meals in advance by looking at the menu, and this will help eliminate impulse orders. If you haven’t already, time to start liking and following your favourite restaurants on social media! 

Tip #5: Be Smart When Ordering / Order Wisely / Order Smart 

Some restaurants serve large portions for their main meal options, so check the portion size before you place your orders. You can share the meal with your friends instead of getting one meal each. This will work out cheaper for everyone and also reduce food wastage! Save money by being smart when you order your meal. 

Tip #6: Pick the Right Time  

If you have the luxury of free time, have your meals during off-peak hours or days to save money. Restaurants usually have special deals and discounts during these quieter periods – generally after lunch, before dinner and during mid-week.

It may seem that you’ll only be saving a few Ringgit with these tips, but ever heard of ‘sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama menjadi bukit’? Every little bit you save will really add up in the long run! And if you want more tips on how to save more money, get the free 108 Money Saving Tips for the Year of the Monkey e-book from CompareHero.my


  1. Great tips! Totally agree with your tips. I especially love ordering a few variety of dishes and share it with everyone. This way we get to taste more dishes and no worries of someone not being able to finish


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