Review: Cuppatea | Teatox for Weight Loss

It is common for people to drink tea for weight loss nowadays. Recently, I was offered to try out Cuppatea 14-day detox program. 
Cuppatea | The Teatox for Weight Loss

Cuppatea promotes healthy living through the benefits of balanced diet and regular exercise. Explore the joy of being healthy and start feeling positive about yourself while losing weight with just a Cuppatea. The beauty in you can be discovered not only based on your body but how you feel, live and think. Now, let’s join Cuppatea and together we strive for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Beauty could be so simple!

The selling points of Cuppatea are 100% natural ingredients, no chemical or preservative. Cuppatea is beneficial on burning fat, improving skin health and sleep quality and also boost our metabolism rate

The Cuppatea teatox program comes with Morningtime Detox and Bedtime Detox. For first timer, Cuppatea suggests to try the 14-day teatox package, which has 14 teabags of Morningtime Detox and 7 teabags of Bedtime Cleanse. To consume Cuppatea, check out the picture below:

I love the packaging of Cuppatea a lot. It is in ziplock bag instead of box, thus, I don’t need to worry I will accidentally break the package when I put in my bag. The aroma was not strong, basically it just smell like tea. However, the taste of the Morning and Bedtime tea are different. For Morning tea, it has mild taste of ginger tea while the Bedtime tea, it taste similar to the combination between Chrysanthemum aand Pu’er. In general, both teas tend to be Chinese-tasted tea.
Morningtime Detox
As said, my aim is to detoxify my body. I would say it did a great job. FYI, the Morningtime Detox will not cause any uncomfortable feeling; but the Bedtime Cleanse does. According to Cuppatea, Bedtime Cleanse will cause laxative effect. Meaning that, you will feel pain 8 hours after consuming the tea. Luckily, I didn’t experience this pain bowel movement. So, I would say, the effect is depending on individual.
Bedtime Cleanse
Overall, Cuppatea detox program gave me a pleasant experience. It helped to reduce bloating and boost my metabolism. FYI, I have paired up Cuppatea with healthy meal such as cereal, yoghurt etc. and also healthy lifestyle like going to gym and park for exercise. This is how Cuppatea effectively helped me in the detoxification and weight loss. Remember, Cuppatea is a supplement, not a replacement. You are encouraged to have balanced diet when teatoxing. Check out the helpful tips by Cuppatea:

FYI, Cuppatea is based in UK; however, it ships internationally. Shipping fee may vary depending on countries. Payment can be done by paypal or credit card. 

If you are interested to try out, don’t forget to enter my promo code “sinyee15off” to entitle discount! 

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  1. Packaging looks great. But it all boils down to the taste. Tea can be a very subjective. I might like it very much but others do not like the taste at all.

  2. Lots of weight loss products are flooding the market. Consumers are now at a loss which to pick. Seems this product is a good one to try but I don’t think it is available in our country.

  3. My dad keeps telling me to drink tea because it’s a great detox but because of the taste, I find it really hard to drink. Good on you for not feeling the pain bowel movement.

  4. I have not try the Cuppatea yes but some of my friends have tried it. It looks like it’s quite pleasant to drink not that you need to rush to toilet every hours. Thanks for the information.

  5. I’ve never heard of them before but just realized that they’re in the UK. I would have loved to try them. I’m trying to lose a few pounds.

  6. There’s so many tea-tox brands coming up recently! it’s really confusing at times and we don’t know which tea brand is good… but thanks for reviewing. I might try this soon!

  7. Tea has a very heathy ingredients that can detoxify our bodies. Most of it are given time and discovery essence in manufacturing to help give them the health they want.


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