Caffe Bene Launched Seasonal Special Menu Melon Smile & Weekend Brunch


What is better than enjoying a freezing cold bingsu during a hot day? During August 20, Caffe Bene has launched the seasonal special – Melon Smile.

Do you know? Melon is high in essential vitamins and minerals. It contains anti-cancer properties and ables to lower the risk of heart disease. The best part is that melon is an energy booster, which contains almost no fat! Girls, melon + bingsu = this is absolutely perfecto!

Caffe Bene named this seasonal special as “Melon Smile”, the cafe hopes every diner will put a smile on face, after enjoying this melon series. 

Melon Smile series include 4 items: Melon Yogurt Bingsu, Melon Snowflake, Melon Parfait and Melon Latte.



Melon Yogurt Bingsu
Melon Snowflake
Melon Parfait
Melon Latte

All items feature the special melon base and fresh melon flesh which are scooped freshly at each outlet of Caffe Bene. 

To my opinion, all the items taste similar to each other. It depends on personal texture preference. I personally love the Melon Snowflake the most because of the milky snowflake which will melt inside my mouth. Meanwhile, I can taste the fresh and sweet melon. 

Note: This seasonal menu will be available until the end of October. Wish to try? Hurry up!!

Besides, Caffe Bene has launched brunch menu on weekends. All mains will be served together with a bowl of hot mushroom soup. You may top-up for a hot drink too.

The mains include:

Hot-Pressed Toastie


Hearty Pie (Beef/Chicken)
Goma Salad


Further, you may have Bene Combi on weekdays.

I am a huge fan of cheese! This Honey Bread is definitely my piece of “bread”!

Let’s check out the brunch menu and seasonal Melon Smile at your nearest Caffe Bene outlet now!



Caffe Bene




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