Review: SimplySiti CCDD Cream

Long time no see, beauties.
Recently I am busying with my work.
Have a lot of drafts need to be done.
Hope you are still following me. =D
Today, I am going to review SimplySiti CCDD Cream from HiShop.

I believe ladies know well about BB cream.
Many girls tended to use BB cream more than foundation because BB cream was claimed to be easier to absorb.
And sooner, there are also CC cream in the market, claiming that it is even greater than BB cream.
But do you know CCDD cream?
To be honest, I don’t know until I was given a chance to try it.

So, what is CCDD cream?
Color Corrector. Disguise & Diminish.
With the latest technology of cosmetic,
CCDD cream gives its user a flawless coverage on face.
Need not to say, CCDD cream is more advance than BB cream and CC cream.
Hence, user can use it as make-up base or on its own.

SimplySiti CCDD Cream comes with two shades: Light Beige and Medium Beige.
Since my skin tone is quite fair,
I chose to try the Light Beige.
Its color is lighter than I expected.
I started worrying the color may not suit me.

Fortunately after blending, the color become darker.
So, when applying on face, it didn’t show two tones.
Such a coincidence, that day I would like to try this CCDD cream,
few parts of my face were red.
I have no idea what was happening.
But, I was planning to take passport photo that morning.
Since this CCDD cream is a color corrector,
god bless that it helped me to correct my skin color.
Sorry to show you such sleepy and no smiling face.
I woke up at 6am and took photos. >.<
Back to the point, comparing the before and after photos above,
you can obviously notice the difference.
The red spots were lesser and I look less sleepy.

Since I was going to make passport,
I didn’t apply full makeup.
I only use this as my base to balance my skin color.
Other than that, I guess this CCDD cream has done a great job in oil control.
Because I wore this base up to 8 hours and surprisingly, my face didn’t turn oily.

Things I like:

  • Balance up skin tone
  • Able to cover up most spots and marks instantly
  • Not oily up to 8 hours
  • Easy to apply
Things I don’t like:

  • Only comes with 2 shades
  • Block pores although I have done full cleansing and exfoliation
Overall, I am satisfied with SimplySiti CCDD Cream.
However, as what I stated about things I don’t like,
it easily blocking the pores.
So, if you have a issue with acne and pimple like me,
I will not recommend to use this cream too often.

If you would like to buy the SimplySiti CCDD Cream,
you can buy it from HiShop.
HiShop is selling this at RM49.90 each (30g)
For light beige, click here
For medium beige, click here

Remember to enter “SINYEE” to entitle 15% rebate when purchasing this product.

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Till then and happy shopping, lovelies. ❤


  1. I am not too familiar with this kind of makeup because my wife only uses pressed powder. She is scared to use these creams because of her sensitive skin which easily turns red when irritated.

    • Hmmm… Sensitive skin always is an issue, I always suffer from sensitive skin, but compare to your wife, I think mine isn’t as serious as hers.

  2. I love color correctors because they seem to perfectly hide away all the uncomfortable red spots on the skin, they diminish all the little imperfections. Eager to try CCDD cream!

  3. I use liquid foundations when I have blemishes to camouflage but I wouldn’t want something that blocks my pores..hmmm might give this a miss

  4. Next out will be EE cream or EFG cream! Lol. companies love to come up with interesting name to get customers to buy new products! Thanks for the review, I have acne-prone skin too, so it’s not suitable for me.

    • Yes!!! They will have more and more explanation on this kind of cream. I will still prefer foundation than bb cream/ cc cream or others.

  5. I’ve never heard of this brand but I think it did a pretty decent job covering hyperpigmentation. I just learned something new today! Haha! 😀

  6. I’ve never heard about this product before. But the product give a nice result to hide your redness part and makes your skin look brighter.. Noce post

  7. I have not even joined the BB cream bandwagon and here you are already talking about the CCDD cream! I noticed the difference and how even the cream is on the after photos. I need to research on stuff like this as I only put moisturizer daily and occasionally some pressed powder.

  8. The CCDD cream does look like an effective corrector. I almost didn’t notice your red spots on the after photo. I think this would be good for those with small pores. yes?


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