“Happiness”: A Stop Motion by Him ❤

A stop motion done by my man.
I really think he is awesome!
He never do that, and only learn through Youtube.
Salute to his spirit!! 

What is Stop Motion?
Don’t confused it with time lapse, stop motion is not photographed by setting the time interval to show the motion of the object. Stop motion is an animation technique recently popularized by claymation in which the subject is manipulated in between photographs to give the appearance of movement once the frames are spliced together. — Tiffanny Mueller, Light Stalking

The video above is the “Happiness” by him.
I am touched by what he did and I cried when I watched this clip.
That time, I still have no idea how he made this.
Sure I don’t know about stop motion photography.

When he explained how he did that,
and I finally knew what he did for that 5 hours that day in his room.
Again, I salute to his spirit!
Staying inside an oven temperature bedroom for 5 hours,
taking more than 1000 photographs to make this 1:38 minutes of “Happiness”
Thank you my dear, a Valentine’s present.
I remembered you said you worried I don’t like the present.
No! I love it very much.
Simple but full of your love.


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