Whoosh! Launched Latest Eyewear Series and Organised 1st Miss Whoosh Glamorous Event!


Spectacle is not only for sight correction nowadays. It symbolises fashion too. A trendy eyewear can instantly style someone up, improve one’s appearance. Whoosh!, the sister brand of Focus Point has launched their latest eyewear series last Friday; at the same time, they have collaborated with Miss Tourism International to organise the first Miss Whoosh Glamorous event!

This event was held at The Curve Shopping Mall. I am glad to be invited to join this awesome event which I have gotten the chance to witness who is the first Miss Whoosh Glamorous, and won Whoosh ambassorship. 54 Miss Tourism International pageants around the world were there to showcase the latest series.

As said, there are 54 pageants, only one of them was pointed as Whoosh ambassador. Meaning that, this is a contest between the fair ladies~ Let’s check out the judges and guests of this event.

**Music please** It’s the showtime now! Miss Tourism International pageants took turn to show you the latest eyewears from Whoosh.



Before I disclose, who do you think is the winner?…. Ha! Miss Mexico! Congratulation to her, she has won herself Whoosh ambassorship of 2016/2017.

FYI, there are a series of 80 new glasses, including sunglasses were launched. All are available at Whoosh! outlet. Are you looking for new glasses for a brand new year? Check out Whoosh! today, grab different styles in 4 fixed price, with no hiddn charge!


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