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Early in 2016, Dr. Morita has set its foot in Malaysia. I would say this is absolutely a great news to ladies! Why? Because Dr. Morita facial mask is NO. 1 paper mask in Hong Kong! And also, Dr. Morita facial mask was selected as the specific facial mask to use in Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2014. Well, need me to say more? It is the best of the best! 

Recently, my dearest and I have tried out two different sheet masks of Dr. Morita and we are please to share you our two cents. 

Dr. Morita (森田药妆)

Dr. Morita originated in Taiwan. Initially, it is a wholesale and retail company specialized in household products and skin care products. After years of researches and development, Dr. Morita set up a research centre in Japan where facial mask was developed and started to sell in the market. Currently, five series of high-quality facial masks and eye masks are developed and sold, providing solutions to the skin which include hydrating, whitening, repairing, soothing and firming.

Dr. Morita Glacial Clay Seaweed Moisturizing Facial Mask

This mask give a double effect of purifying and hydrating. It is rich in glacial clay (alluvial mud), a natural ingredient containing variety of minerals, which is effectively in exfoliating skin cells, moisturizing and renewing the skin elasticity. Meanwhile, others ingredients such as algae extract, hyaluronic acid, aloe barbadensis leaf juice and hydrolysed hyaluronic acid helps to moisturize, repair and keep our skin hydrated.

Dr. Morita Collagen Repair Essence Facial Mask

A mask for repairing purpose. This mask is rich in hydrolysed collagen, which promotes hydration capabilities and moisturizing effect, increase skin’s firmness and elasticity and smooths out fine lines effectively. If you are suffering from sensitive skin condition, Collagen Repair Essence is the best choice for you.

Direction of use:
Cleanse your face. Apply mask on the face and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Remove gently massage around the face area for the essence to fully absorbed by the skin. Not necessary to rinse off. For the best result, use it daily. 

Every sheet of mask comes in individual packaging. Like every sheet mask, it is easy to bring around. And, since it can be used daily, if you are going off for trip, I will highly recommend you to get one box and apply it daily at night. 

There is a cover at the back of the mask. Remember to remove it before application.

My dear has oily skin while I have sensitive, dry combination skin. Apparently, I am going to try the Collagen Repair Essence Facial Mask while he is going to try Glacial Clay Seaweed Moisturizing Facial Mask. 

Glacial Clay Seaweed Moisturizing Facial Mask is in black, but the essence is translucent. If you love mud but lazy to rinse off after applying it, I am sure this Glacial Clay Seaweed Moisturizing Facial Mask is what you should get. However, the sheet seems to be smaller, or maybe it is just small for guy. It couldn’t fully cover the side of my dear’s face. 

Collagen Repair Essence Facial Mask is a transparent and slim mask. Be careful not to pull too strong, you might tear the mask off. For me, it does cover up the entire face.

After 15-minute application, we both felt refreshing. The essence is surprisingly not sticky or thick. Overall, we love the masks a lot, will be continuing to use it in future. 

FYI, Dr. Morita is exclusively sold in Guardian Pharmcy nationwide. Do check out other masks too when you visit Guardian in your neighbourhood.

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  1. The glacial clay seaweed mask looks good but if small, then I can't let my bf use too. I like to try out masks with collagens, will try find this mask in guardians. Thanks for sharing.


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