Sepang International Circuit 2014

28-30 March were F1 Grand Prix in Malaysia this year.
My dad was there to watch the race.
So, Danny and I went there to accompany him and take a chance to watch the show.

FYI, no ticket is required for the first day because that’s only practice for racers.
Unfortunately, we were late since we have to complete our tasks that Friday.
That means, we missed the practice of F1.  
We spent almost an hour to reach Sepang Circuit.
Thus, even we missed the chance to watch the practice, 
we decided to pay a visit on the showcase and the museum there.

I think our luck isn’t that bad,
we were able to watch the local races: Super Series Car and Porsche Carrera Cup.   😉
We captured the racing cars through panning.

Champion in Super Series Car Race
It was heavy raining suddenly during Porsche Carrera Cup. ☁ ☂
Some cars crashed and the race forced to stop because of it.
About 15 minutes, the race started again,
and we continued taking photographs.

Water splash due to heavy rain
We didn’t finish watching the race because we worried the rain will
We left the mall area and visited the museum outside.
There are antique cars there with details.
We also able to see the first Kancil and Kembara at level 2.
Some motorbikes were being displayed there as well.
Unlike the museum in town, this is FOC!
And visitor is allowed to take as many photos as they like.
But,  DO NOT touch the vehicles.
This is the rule of thumb. =D

After staying in the museum around an hour, 
we finally left Sepang Circuit.
It was a great experience.
For me, it is the 3rd time I was there.
The crowd was less compared to previous few years.
The ticket price this year was cheaper because GP is not held in the same period this time.
However, there is still concert going on on Sunday night.

Tips for F1 Malaysia:

  1. For those who are interested to experience the race but you think ticket is too expensive, you can pay a visit on Friday. As said, Friday’s entry is FREE OF CHARGE!
  2. Audience is not allowed to bring any food/beverage into the mall area. There are booths inside. BUT, bear in mind that the items are quite expensive! (Few years back, it costed RM10 for a bottle of 500ml mineral water. >.<  But my dad said this year reduced to RM3/bottle.)
  3. As we know, Malaysia is tropical country. Additionally, F1 Malaysia  normally held between March and April every year which is raining season. Prepare umbrella, raincoat, tissue, fan, cap, sunblock etc. You will need them! (Tissue needed because the seat is dusty!)
  4. If you don’t have car to go there directly, you can take public transport.  Visit here for Sepang Transportation. (Please note that fare may vary every year.)
  5. If you are driving there yourself, I personally recommend you to have some snack in car. There will be heavy traffic jam on Sunday after the race. Almost every time, my dad takes about one and a half hour to leave, when reaching KL, we only have dinner around 10pm. So, it’s very important to prepare snacks in car to fill your stomach during the traffic jam. 

That’s all for the sharing about Sepang  International Circuit. 
Hope you enjoy reading our post.

For more photographs, click here


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