Grab Your Guilt-Free Snack Now! Mission Multigrain & Corn and Rice Chips Is Now Available~


I am a person who really love to eat snack when I am working, blogging, editing photos; well, basically whenever I am not having my main~ So, yeah.. Snack is something I can’t lack of. As I am now more health-concious person, I always want to find delicious yet healthy snack. I guess Mission Foods heard my voice and they come out with 2 chips, which people like me can eat snack without feeling guilty! Introduce you Mission Multigrain, and Corn & Rice Chips.

Made of 100% corn, they also have 30% less oil than potato chips, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Mission Chips give you more reasons to reach for a pack or even two!

Mission’s Multigrain Chips

Made with whole stoneground corn and enriched with superfoods such as oats, soybean, white and black sesame, and linseed which gives it a distinctive nutty taste and a grainy texture, making it an ideal snack on its own or with an equally healthy dip.

Mission Corn and Rice Chips

Made with whole stoneground corn treated with lime, and rice meal, giving it a mild yet richly satisfying taste without the added guilt. It is perfect for those who are looking for a gluten-free snack. The mild yet balanced taste of the chips makes it ideal for dipping with any sort of dip, whether spicy, creamy or chunky.

Aren’t they look so mouth-watering? These two new flavours join the range of Mission Chips that are currently available such as Original, Cheese, Tomato, BBQ, Butter & Garlic, and Hot & Spicy. Coming in 65g and 170g bags and are on retail at RM2.99 and RM6.99 respectively.

Meanwhile, Mission Foods will be organising free-tasting of the new range at participating supermarkets. There will also be a festive promotion of a complimentary microwavable container for purchase of any two packs of chips. So go and grab your snack now at your nearby groceries/supermarkets!

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