Bites @ Lakeside, Sungai Besi

A good news to breakfast lover, no matter what time you want to have breakfast; morning, afternoon or night, you can go to Bites because they serve all-day breakfast. And the best thing about Bites is they serve breakfast from various countries.
Bites is located at Lake Fields, Sungai Besi. It is easy to spot from the roadside, because its theme is in sharp yellow! The walls are full of pictures, and you will see lots of toys. All toys are actually the souvenirs or small gifts that the owner bought during his travel at different countries. FYI, the owner loves travelling around the world. This is how he decided to start up Bites, serving breakfast of different countries he had visited to all-day-long.
There are two big bears in Bites. It is a small leisure corner. If you are going there with family, you can enjoy your family bonding moment there. What a warm moment?
Let’s start off our day with the Potato Salad. Served as appetiser; however, if you eat the whole bowl, this appetiser can actually fill up whom has a small stomach. Missed with apple cube, this potato salad was appetising.
Potato Salad @ RM 9.90
Coming to the first dish, we had Egg Benedict., served together with fresh spinach and mushroom. Normally, Egg Benedict will use bacon and ham as the meats; but Bites replaced it with smoked salmon. Two eggs were poached on the smoked salmon, it was creamy and amazingly delicious; especially when served with the Hollandaise sauce. 
Egg Benedict @ RM17.90
Subsequently, we had the France style breakfast – The French. I think this breakfast is quite common in Malaysia. A sunny egg was served together with French toast. Chicken ham and melted cheese were filled in between, additionally, maple syrup was paired with this delightful French toast. 
The French @ RM15.90
Have you ever thought of having pizza as breakfast? Bites is serving Breakfast Pizza. For sure, beef lovers will love this much because it was sautéed with beef bacon, baby spinach, mushroom and cheese. Last but not least, topped with a sun egg. The base was crunchy. The fillings fully covered on the base, it was heavenly cheesy.
Breakfast Pizza @ RM14.90
The most eggful breakfast is The Italian. In general, The Italian is named as frittata. It looks alike to the Chinese omelette — Foo Yong Egg, stir fried with turkey ham, onions, spinach, cherry tomato, eggs. The difference between The Italian and Chinese omelette is The Italian was half cooked on the pan, later put into oven and bake for 10 minutes before ready to serve. 
The Italian @ RM14.90
Sandwich isn’t necessary to have bread. Bites used Belgium waffle as the base, serving together with beef bacon, egg, lettuce and cheese – Bites named it, Club Sandwich Waffle. The waffle is freshly baked by Bites, thus, it still remains little crispy when eating. It has a very thick layer, having a quarter of this waffle is pretty full.
Club Sandwich Waffle @ RM12.90
If you love burritos, you can’t miss The Mexican. Chicken sausage, egg, mushroom, cheese was wrapped with the tortilla. To be honest, this is my favourite dish in Bites, this burrito was mouth-watering and appetising. I would more than happy to have The Mexican as my breakfast to kick start my day! 
The Mexican @ RM12.90
After the delicious burrito, here we back to waffle sandwich again. We have Grilled Chicken & Waffle Sandwich. The chicken was served warm with mushroom sauce. An sun egg was topped on the grilled chicken too. Cheese was melted into the mushroom sauce, thus the sauce was little creamy and cheesy.
Grilled Chicken & Waffle Sandwich @ RM15/90
Want pasta as breakfast? Bites has their signature Beef Bacon & Shrimp Pasta. It was similar to aglio olio, and hence, it was quite oily. And yes! They are generous to serve their customers with a lot of beef bacon and shrimp. It is the all-time favourite of Bite’s returning customers.
Beef Bacon & Shrimp Pasta @ RM18.90
Coffee lover, forget the classic coffee you drink! Bites offers affogato with either Coconut Ice Cream or Pandan Kaya Ice Cream. I strongly recommend you to try it. Let your taste buds explore!
Affogato with  Coconut Ice Cream @ RM 8.90
Affogato with Pandan Kaya Ice Cream @ RM 8.90
Craving for dessert? You can have their Belgium waffle with ice-cream of your choice. Again, I recommend you to try Pandan Kaya or Gula Melaka flavour. I love the taste of Gula Melaka ice-cream, however, it taste sweeter and sweeter. Thus, you must eat together with the waffle! 
Dessert Waffle topped with Gula Melaka (Brown) or Pandan Kaya (Green) Ice Cream @ RM8.90
Bites also offer Berries and Banana Pancake. The berries was super sour, thus, maple syrup is a must to “neutralise” it. 
Berries & Banana Pancake
Overall, Bites is definitely the greatest place to have breakfast in the town. You don’t need to go Italy, France or Mexico to have their signature breakfast now. And also, I learned that egg is the essence of breakfast because every breakfast we have had at Bites served with eggs. It was really an eggful day. Btw, Bites serves wide selection of drinks; tea, fresh juice, coffee etc. Check them out when you dine at Bites, Lake Fields. 
Fresh Orange Juice
Hot Chocolate
Bites Cafe
Address : GF, 72A,Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Medan Niaga Tasik Damai, 
Lake Fields, Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact : +603 9055 4438
Opening hours : Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm
Website :


  1. I wish to try that Breakfast pizza and coconut desert. All day breakfast menu is really an all time fave for most customers. Comfy food.

  2. Everything is picture-perfect – from the facade to the interiors and to all that food ( the Eggs Ben most especially ). I would love to dine here. It looks so cozy and chill.

  3. i have never seen Egg Benedict created that way. looks so yummy. I will try this once i made a visit to the place. thanks for this awesome review.

  4. I’m into Pizza! So I would want that pizza breakfast! With the egg on top! Wahaha That would be fantastic! Awwww, I want that! Can I have some? lol.
    With the pictures you’ve shown, this is a great place to dine in. 🙂

  5. I am just curious with the taste. All are sumptuous yummy food and looks good here in your photo. Love to have some bites! Hehehehe…

  6. Amzing photos you have captured. Love the cafe decor specially the wall painting making it a brighter place. Orange juice glass looks so stylish and all the food photos are gorgeous.

  7. What a fantastic setting and great food to boot. I love how your photos highlight the presentation of each great dish. Now I’m starving!

  8. I love the place! It looks so cool. And their dishes are really instagram worthy. They look so perfect especially the eggs


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