Keep Your Body Healthy with De’ Fresh 21-Day Detox Program


I have learned that regular body detox is a must from my mother. She is the one who educates me how toxins in our body will affect us mentally and physically. Do you know stress also toxify your body? Hence, no matter you are practicing “eat clean” or not, your body still accumulates toxins. Our body has a self-detox system; however, it takes a very long period to detoxify all bad substances. Therefore, here we have detox supplement to boost our detox system.

Recently, I have chosen De’ Fresh 21-Day Detox Program to detoxify my body. 
De’ Fresh

A fibre supplement which was made by high-quality herbs. It was specially designated to improve our digestive system and remove accumulated toxins in our body. Also, if you opt to lose your weight, a 3-month program can lend you a hand too. 

Direction of Use:
1. For detox purpose – Consume one sachet every night, one hour before sleep.
2. For weight loss – Consume one sachet before dinner.

Mix it with cold water or water at normal temperature. Do not mix with hot/warm water, it may destroy the probiotics in De’ Fresh.
De’ Fresh is in dark green color, which is quite similar to other fibre supplements I have consumed before. Meanwhile, its taste is similar to orange, with mild ginger. Hence, when I started to consume, De’ Fresh has triggered my throat; however, it didn’t after several days. 

It is highly recommended to start the detox program the day before your rest day! This is because you can definitely feel the detox effect 8 hours after consumption. Hence, if you drink it at 10pm, don’t be surprised that you will have bowel movement at 6am in the morning. I felt the pain during the first three days when I consume it. Thank Gods that it didn’t cause any laxative problem.

After 1-week consumption, it has significantly flattened my tummy. Meanwhile, the best part was, I have no constipation issue even I am not consuming De’ Fresh. Also, I don’t feel tired as easy as I was; which also helps to increase my productivity. 
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  1. Berkesan tak tapi untuk breast feeding Mommy tak digalakkan detox detox sebab nanti kotoran akan keluar melalui susu .. Kecian baby.. tak pe la I rasa I bf baby pun rasa badan ringan juga.m thanks sin Yee for letting me know about this program. I Habis 2 years menyusu Anak mungkin I will try this programm

  2. Ok I seriously need to detox! It has been a while since I last detox and I think the one that really worked very well for me was the Trudtox which cleared my bowels so well. De fresh seems like a good alternative 🙂

  3. i hve tried de fresh for 3 days, and i had my stomach upset after 6-8 hours, and i ended up in the toilet 3 times in a day, could it be the effect of taking de fresh


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