Surprise Your Babe with Customised Gift!


Couple normally surprise their partner during special day like Valentine’s day or anniversary day. Buying a gift from a shop is very convenient. However, you may opt to get something special, which is only limited to you and him/her. Here we have Printcious, an online customised gift store to help you get this special edition gift done.

I am sure most are familiar with customised gift. It is a gift that you can create by yourself and the seller will help you to make it. In general, we have come across customised shirt, mug, pillow, puzzle, phone case, ceramic tiles, etc. All these items are available on Printcious!

Interested in shopping with Printcious but you have no idea how to start? No worries~ Below are step-by-step guide for you to purchase your customised gift.

2. Create an account (right top).
You can choose to login with Facebook; faster and easier way.
3. Create your address book in “My Account”. 
You can add few addresses into your address book. Make sure you choose the correct one when you place your order later on.

4. Start shopping!!

a. Choose a ready-designed gift (Check out “Shop” or specific category “Gifts”)

b. Create your own gift (Check out “Create”)

For (a), this is suitable for customer who doesn’t really know much about design (like me, who cannot draw), you can go into this category and choose your gift. It doesn’t mean you cannot customise it; nonetheless, these are ready template which requests minimum customization. 
For example, I would like to buy a cushion with the following design. I can choose the color, add additional words or edit the position of the design (click “Customize it”). The online editing tool in Printcious is as easy as abc (editing will be shown when creating my own gift). Once done customizing the cushion, add it into cart.

If you have your own photo to print on your gift, or you want to create wordings yourselves, then you should choose (b).
For example, I want to create a cushion with my own photo, click on “Cushion” then “Customise It”. I can upload my photo into gallery, and place it inside the green-lined box. The green line is the safety zone, which tells us whether our photo is out of the printing area. Once done, add into cart.

5. Checkout and Make Payment

Review your cart before checking out, make sure all customizations are what you want. Apply promo code (if any). Next, proceed to choose your address and also delivery service you would like to you. Then, make payment. For people who do not have online banking, you can cash deposit then email the banking details to Printcious. 

6. Wait for your customised gift to be deliver to your doorstep!

Let’s talk about the cushion first. I thought the cushion is attached to its case. Surprisingly, it is not. Meaning that I can remove the case to wash when it is dirty! Or, I can also change the inner when it is not in shape in future.
I must highlight the printing quality. I believe all of you concern about this as well. The printing is in high quality. I guess it is also depending on your photo resolution as well. Hence, make sure your photo quality is high enough to avoid pixelation issue. 
Did I tell you I have ordered customised T-shirt too? You can check out the printing too.

For T-Shirt, an additional charge is applied for printing the logo on the back. If you want to add it, you would need to contact customer service for more details. You can either email your inquiry or just ask via live chat during working hours.
FYI, I have chosen express delivery; however, the courier service wasn’t express. I traced my order (Printcious will update you the progress via email too), my items were ready within 2 working days; nonetheless, the courier service took more than a week to deliver. I understand this delay doesn’t under Printcious’s control. Still, I highlight it here to remind you, who want to make your own gift, to send in your order, at least two weeks earlier. Else, you may consider choosing COD at Klang.
Overall, it was a pleasant experience with Printcious. As said, the editing tool is easy to use. I believe a kid can create a customised gift with the tool too. The customer service was helpful, they will do their best to assist you. 
Want to surprise your babe with customised gift? It’s the right time!
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