DIY Couple Photoshoot #1: Ulu Yam

Hello everyone~ From my deep heart core, I am truly grateful to share you my first ever DIY couple shooting with Danny.  Since I fall for photography, I always have a wish to have my own DIY photoshooting together with my love~ And finally, one week before our 2nd anniversary, Danny made my wish came true!
Ulu Yam is the first place in our mind for this photoshoot. Reason simply because we saw many awesome photographs were taken there and we love exploring places that can have short getaway from Klang Valley. For who doesn’t know, Ulu Yam isn’t too far from KL. It is about an hour drive to this beautiful farmland.
We didn’t plan ahead on how to pose, everything was impromptu. Every smile wasn’t set. When looking into a loved one’s eye, you directly felt yourself filled with love, and smile, showed up. 
We go for low (or zero) budget; and hence, we only wore our favourite tee and I did my own makeup. Of course, camera and tripod are a MUST. 
Total time spent for this photoshoot session was about one hour. It was a very great experience for both of us. We really love this couple shooting by our own. Everything was quite smooth, rain came only when we started packing to leave. Well, this is the first and will never be the only DIY shoot of ours. More to come, stay tune ya~ 😉


  1. cute and sweet couple. may you love and respect each other all the time. congrats on your 2nd anniversary. im not much a fan of couple shirts even wearing the same color (plain shirt). id rather wear couple necklace, tattoo or watch. but thats me. i see a lot of couple wearing couple shirts.

    • Thanks a lot~ Agree that not everyone love to have couple tee. I have friend who has the same way like you do. She prefer to have couple watch instead of tee.

  2. It’s good to start it within your circle, and having it done with your good partner compliments you the most. And if you’re planning and interested in starting a business like photography, perhaps you can do the research to find what’s good for you.

    • Thanks for your suggestion Pal Raine. Yes, Danny actually have some experience in pre-wedding photography, but we didn’t get in too deep at this moment.

  3. I love your his & hers matching tees and I like what you guys did. It’s fun. And, I think it was very sweet of Danny to go for this ( y’know how guys are sometimes, lol ). So, does this mean that you and Danny will have more photo shoots in the future?

    • Thanks Russ. It was really fun. And yes, we are going to have more photoshoots in future. We actually plan to have our own pre-wedding shoot instead of hiring photographer because we know ourselves more. However, some postures may still difficult to take if no one helps. =

  4. Thanks for sharing your couple photoshoot! It’s lovely! I always want to do a photo-shoot with my loved one but I never thought it can be done by ourselves!

    • Thank you Tiffany. Try to do it yourself if you got a chance. It doesn’t need to cost anything, if you have a camera and tripod. And of course a sweet background for the shoot. Some more, you do photoshoot a lot, it wouldn’t be any issue for you to think how to pose. =D

  5. The two of you are such a sweet couple! I love how you described your life with your love and it just seems like you complete each other! 🙂

  6. Such a sweet and fun activity to do together, I’m sure. Love how you both wore the same shirt! 🙂 You should do this often. I have friends who do this and it does make their relationships more fun and memorable. 🙂

    • Thank you Louise. Yeah~ We will do this more and more often. We did go photoshooting always, but we are not the main in the photo. This is the first time.

  7. If you keep doing this, you will have plenty of practice for your pre-nuptial and wedding photos! 🙂 You look really very happy in these pics.

  8. Both of you are lovely, diy photoshot indeed takes more time and effort but i think its more rewarding and satisfied when you see you photos turn out to be great!


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