Milkcow Milky Cool Milk Tea + Pudding Is Now Available!


Milkcow has debuted in Malaysia since November 2014. This Korean ice-cream is faming for its organic soft serve ice-cream topped with honeycomb. FYI, there are 4 outlets in Malaysia. Recently, Milkcow has come out with something new: Milky Cool.

Milky Cool is a handcraft milk tea drink, along with pudding at the bottom. They come in different combination of flavours. 

Thai Green Tea + Mango Pudding

Thai Milk Tea + Green Tea Pudding

Chocolate Milk + Honey Milk Pudding

Honey Milk + Yam Pudding

Strawberry Milk + Bubble Gum Pudding

Just by the photos themselves, you can definitely tell all are so colorful! You probably think there a a lot of coloring inside. Nonetheless, Milkcow claims that all are natural. I personally have tried out Thai Green Tea + Mango Pudding  and Chocolate Milk + Honey Milk Pudding. I love the Thai green tea’s combination, you can taste the original taste of the green tea; meanwhile, when you suck the mango pudding into your mouth, you can feel the mild sweetness of it. 

Apart from that, you can also order the pudding alone. It comes with 7 flavors. I have tried out yam, green tea and rose lychee. Personally love rose lychee the most. When opening the cover, you can smell the mild fragrance of rose and lychee. BTW, the puddings are made at the centralised kitchen of Milkcow; hence, no worry if it tastes differently when you have it at different outlets. The puddings were silky smooth and soft. For me, its texture is as smooth as tau fu fa.

Of course, I will not miss the chance to give their ice-cream a try! Black Pearl, one of their bestsellers. Organic milk soft serve, along with chocolate syrup, organic salt and coco ball. The coco balls were so big and crunchy; however, I didn’t able to taste the saltiness of the soft serve. Perhaps, the amount of salt was just less than I think it was. 

Another fancy soft serve: Snow Drop. This soft serve was topped with cotton candy, and you can find jelly beans candy at the bottom.

And also, you should check out their parfait as well. Shared Very Berry Parfait with my friend, it was fresh and nice. Will definitely have it again when I visit Milkcow next round.

Overall, their new released Milky Cool is worth you a try. It isn’t only because of its colorful combination, but also the smoothness of the milk tea as well as their silky smooth pudding.





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