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Few weeks ago, I was invited to join Panasonic Beauty Cafe at Betjeman & Barton, 1 Utama. It is a workshop by Panasonic Beauty Malaysia, which showcased their latest range of beauty products; meanwhile, they have invited special guests to share their beauty tips.
A lot of bloggers and media were invited to this Beauty Cafe. To be honest, this was my first time being exposed to Panasonic Beauty products. I guess almost everyone knows Panasonic is well-known in home appliances, electrical and electronic products etc.. But, beauty? What will it be? Let check out what Panasonic Beauty is.
Say goodbye to dull hair~ Panasonic Beauty has come out with nanoe & Platinum Ion Hair Dryer. Panasonic Beauty claims that the nanoe released from the hair dryer will penetrate hair cuticle, delivering water to adjust its moisture balance, limit waviness and make it smoother and shinier. Meanwhile, platinum ion coat the hair surface and tighten the cuticle.
Other than that, Panasonic Beauty has also come out with nanoe Hair Straightener. With just one slide, user can smoothly straighten up their hair. Don’t worry whether your hair color will fade after using this hair straightener, the photo ceramic coating works well on colored hair!
In this workshop, Yves Chong, Style Director from Number76 Hair Salon shared daily blow drying tips with us. He also did demonstration with nanoe Hair Dryer and nanoe Hair Straightener. 
Also, there is a handy Scalp Massager. It has 4-disc rotating massage brush head. BTW, it is water-resistant.  Just enjoy scalp massage with your shampoo!
Besides, Panasonic Beauty also come out with beauty products for face. Facial Ionic Steamer helps to keep your face hydrated with just 6 minutes. Also, if you use it before applying your makeup, it can effectively prolong your makeup. Meantime, use this before removing your makeup is also useful too. 
Using eye cream isn’t helpful enough to relax your eye. Try the Eye Warming Massager from Panasonic Beauty now. It helps to moisture eye circle skin and relax your skin which help to reduce fine lines!
Here we had Aishah Sinclair, Panasonic Beauty Brand Personality and Radio Announcer in shared on how she maintains her beauty regime with Panasonic Face Care products.
The beauty workshop ended up with hi-tea served by Betjeman and Barton. 
It was a great experience to join Panasonic Beauty Cafe – Make Beautiful Happen! I believe Panasonic Beauty will continue to bring us with more innovative beauty products in future. 

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  1. Wow, a Panasonic Beauty Cafe, haven’t heard of an event like that conducted in Manila yet or maybe it’s because I’m not that into beauty products haha. Anyway, for me workshops where you get to learn new things are always great!

  2. wow, it looks great! but i have more interest to try the Facial Ionic Steamer to keep my face hydrated.
    i have follow ur Insta and G+, feel free to follow me back ya ^^

  3. I actually saw the Eye Warming Massager on a korean show, the host, a former beauty queen, always puts it on when resting, no wonder she never has eyebags!

  4. I have seen Panasonic hair straightener before because my daughter asked me to buy one for her school assignment. They actually had a class on hair styling!

  5. Wow, this is my first time to know about Panasonic Beauty. When I started reading the first parts of your post, I really thought, what?! Panasonic has skin care lines/beauty products? Then I saw the dryer, hair straightener, massager, etc and and I thought to myself, ok they are still “machines”. hehe

  6. i always love Panasonic beauty products, they just come out with the most useful things I can’t even think of yet it’s so cool, i really live the one that is cooling for the pores.

  7. Looks like an exciting even right there. Among all the products featured, I’d like to try the scalp massager. It’s a good way to relax.

  8. The Panasonic Beauty event looks very classy. I wish to try the scalp massager soon. Hope it can helps to improved my scalp blood circulation and grow more hair.

  9. What a lovely event to attend and getting the right advice from experts. Their products are really so much in the market and can see everywhere.


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