Uroko Japanese Cuisine @ Nova Saujana

Looking for a great Japanese dining place? Uroko is one of my choices. Danny and I went to Uroko @ Nova Saujana 2 weeks ago and here I...

Crispy Crust | Fried Crispy Chicken @ Bandar Sunway

--- Restaurant has moved into Sunway Pyramid --- Two weeks ago, Danny and I were invited to review a new start-up restaurant near Sunway University -- Crispy Crust. This newbies...

Humble Chef @ Plaza Damansara/Damansara Heights

Finding some new place for dining;with cheap price but delicious food.Then you should go Humble Chef!Ha! HELP students, especially those stay at Residence/Batai Hostel will know them!But, did...

Buffet Dim Sum @ Long Feng Restaurant, Malacca

Dim Sum, one of the styles of Cantonese cuisine, which is prepared in a small portion. Traditionally, it is served in a steamer basket or on a small...

HJ Sharin Low Seafood Restaurant @ Bukit Antarabangsa

Remember before Raya, I shared a foodie post about Chinese Muslims Restaurant in Klang Valley. Some readers commented on the previous post, they would like to know more...

Okonomi New Menu @ Publika

Remember few months back in January, Okonomi was just a 2-month old Japanese restaurant in Publika. (Check out the previous post here). As mentioned in the previous review,...

Charlie Brown Cafe @ Straits Quay, Penang

--- As at 10 July 2015, Charlie Brown Cafe has ceased operation. --- Like a themed cafe?A Snoopy lover?Then, you must visit Charlie Brown Cafe.Charlie Brown Cafe...

MISS Coffee & Toast @ PFCC

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! When you are happily gathering with your friends and relatives, I am writing up this review. It is a foodie post. Who loves...

Sazori Shabu & Grill, 二合一自助式烧烤及火锅

这已是第二次到Sazori Shabu & Grill。顾名思义,Sazori Shabu & Grill是一家二合一的自助式烧烤及火锅餐厅。 我相信这种二合一的餐厅,大家都蛮熟悉了。但,Sazori Shabu & Grill特别之处在于他们运用寿司餐厅常用的输送带来输送配料。这个概念让客户们不用移步到便餐桌去拿取配料,方便又快捷。 ...

Guess What-Kota Damansara你不能错过的越南餐馆!

可能因为表嫂是越南人的关系~所以很多年前已经爱上了越南料理。还记得以前的我除了中餐和西餐以外,唯一会愿意尝试的异国风味,就是越南菜。可能都是亚洲的食物,加上越南和中国就是邻居。所以,越南料理,其实也带有中餐的元素。因此,当受邀到Kota Damansara的Guess What尝试越南风味时,我二话不说就答应了。

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