It’s Season for Cherries and Summer Fruits from Australia! Get Them at Any Leading Groceries Now~


When quite number of countries are having freaking cold winter now, Australia is actually summer mode! Here is the season for fresh cherries, peaches, apricots, nectarines and plums in Australia. So yeah~ Time to have cherries and other stone fruits.

Last week, I was invited to attend The launch of a host of summer fruits under the Taste Australia campaign at Tesco Kepong Village Mall. This is coordinated by the State Government of Victoria (Australia) in collaboration with Austrade and Hort Innovation Australia on behalf of the cherry and summer fruit industries.

These sweet and luscious fruits are not just tasty but are nutritious and have countless health benefits. These fruits are best consumed on its own

Meanwhile, you can also make them as your base for smoothie bowl, yogurt cereal breakfast, salad and so on.During the event, Marissa Parry, Nutritionist and Health advocate was invited to demonstrate 3 simple and refreshing recipes using the seasonal fruits – Breakfast Summer Smoothie Bowl, Fresh fruit popsicles and Fresh Summer Salad. I personally love these recipes much and I have done it my own before too with berries. But now, I can have another version with these luscious cherries and the other summer fruits.

Well, with Chinese New Year around the corner, a basket of Australian Cherries and Summer fruits would be make a delightful gift. These summer fruits will be available throughout the Chinese New Year festivities as golden fruits symbolizes good fortune. If you would like to gift the fruits to your relatives and friends, don’t forget to check out the special promotions at all Tesco outlets.

Besides, Australian cherries and summer fruits will also be available at leading supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout the season.



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