Okonomi @ Publika

Last Friday, Danny and I were invited to a food review at Okonomi @ Publika.
It was our 20-month anniversary, I would say Okonomi made our night perfecto!

Okonomi is a Japanese dining place at Publika. However, leaving aside the traditional Japanese restaurant style, Okonomi is conceptualized to provide customer a modern and cozy ambiance.
Okonomi’s kitchen was covered with transparent glasses. Customers can see the entire making process of their sushi rolls. I tended to love this concept as the cleanliness of the kitchen is viewable; which increases my confidence to dine in the respective restaurant.
Executive Chef — Alex
If you have been dining at or visiting at Publika, I am sure you will notice food is everywhere! And almost every block and level has at least one Japanese restaurant. So, what so special about Okonomi that they are able to keep their returning customers? No doubt, it is its “What’s your roll?” concept.

Okonomi offers customized sushi or salad – Choose your base, fillings, sauces and toppings with 3 simple steps! And you can have your own rolls! Your rolls come with 3 sizes:

  • Small (6 Pieces) – 3 normal fillings, 1 sauce & 1 topping in RM13.90
  • Medium (8 Pieces) – 4 normal fillings, 1 sauce & 1 topping in RM16.90
  • Large (8 Pieces) – 5 normal fillings, 1 sauce & 1 topping in RM19.90

Customise your roll with the choices above, and choose your size. The chef will prepare your meal immediately.
Now, let’s see our customized roll by Mr Alex:

  • Base: Brown Rice + Uramaki
  • Fillings: Soft Shell Crab
  • Sauce & Topping: Spicy Mentai Mayo
Customized Roll (6 pcs) @ RM13.90
Customers are highly recommended to try their brown rice base since customers rarely find brown rice base at other Japanese restaurant. This sushi roll was Danny’s favorite. He said that the soft shell crab was crispy. Normally, people love eating soft shell crab because of it crispy shell. Okonomi’s soft shell crab isn’t only crunchy, but also meaty. The spicy mentai mayo was homemade sauce by Okonomi. To be honest, it was really spicy! A person who isn’t a spicy food eater like me, wasn’t able to eat a lot.

The next roll was my favourite – Katsu Curry Roll. Katsu chicken as the main filling, together with vegetables, wrapped with white rice and Okonomi’s soy wrap. Not sure whether you have eaten sushi roll with curry sauce before, but this house roll was dipped with curry sauce was amazingly great! The katsu chicken was crispy. Every roll has 2 pieces of chicken, thus, personally think that, with only 6-piece roll, it can be a meal for an individual.

Katsu Curry Roll @ RM15.90
Another recommendation in Okonomi is Crab Korokke. The chef confessed that customers always think the crab korokke was filled with mashed potato. However, it was fully breaded with crabmeat which deeply fried with poached butter and cream sauce. When first tried crab korokke, to be honest, it did taste like mashed potatoes. It was creamy, perhaps, it was because of the butter and cream sauce. We also dipped it with their homemade tartar sauce. Eating the crab korokke with this homemade tartar sauce can seduce the grease.
Crab Korokke @ RM9.90
Two desserts were served next. The first one was Strawberry Waffle; the original-flavored waffle topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry ice-cream, and also drizzled with strawberry syrup. Every ingredient was a foil of one another because without any topping and syrup, the waffle will be greasy. However, the strawberries and ice-cream were sweet and sour at the same time, which helped stimulating our appetite.
Strawberry Waffle @ RM10.90
Danny loves lava cake a lot. Such a coincidence, one of the chef’s recommendations is Matcha Lava Cake. Filled with matcha chocolate molten lava, served with vanilla ice-cream, this cake was delectable. The combination of matcha chocolate and vanilla ice-cream was flavourful because matcha chocolate was bitter while the vanilla ice-cream was sweet.
Matcha Lave Cake @ RM16.90
Overall, me and Danny have our great monthsary night at Okonomi, Publika. Visit Okonomi now with bunch of friends or family, create your own rolls that suit your taste buds!
Address: A4-G2-02 Solaris, Dutamas,
No. 1 Jalan Dutamas, Publika, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/okonomiFoods
Instagram: @okonomifoods


  1. I LOVE sushi, and I think it’s a great you’re able to choose your own fillings, sauces and toppings! I wish I had known about this place when visiting KL last year 🙁

    • Hi Lies, Okonomi is a newly open Japanese restaurant. They only started their business in November 2014. Maybe next time, when you come over Malaysia, you can go there. 😉

  2. I was just going to say how there’s customised sushi in Singapore too when I got bought over by the matcha lava cake! it’s really salivating! Can’t wait to go find and try one now!

  3. I wish to try their green tea lava cake, it looks quite promising. I have tried their chocolate molten cake it was good as well.

  4. Next time I visit your blog for a food review, I’ll make sure to eat properly before looking at your photos. What a delicious meal and beautiful setting. That matcha lava cake must be very tasty.


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