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After 2 months without having facial in the beauty salon, finally I have pampered myself with esmé Beauty Express Facial.
esmé Beauty Express Facial
Esme Beauty Express Facial is a basic facial rehydrating treatment that is suitable for all skin types. This treatment will encourage the skin to rejuvenate and rehydrating the skin within 45 minutes to 1 hour. 
esmé Beauty Express Facial included 6 steps; cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, Medirian Point Massage, mask and moisturizer.

I went to esmé Beauty Express Facial after work. I am sure you can spot my tiring face with a pair of red eyes. Need not to say, it was the most suitable time to release my tiredness!

Again, Sylvia was my beautician for the treatment. She first cleansed my facial with milk cleanser, followed by deep cleansing. The peeling gel contains beads, which helped to remove the dead cells on my face.
Then, it came to the most unpleasant process I always dislike – Extraction. I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and chin. I am sure you all know these are the most sensitive parts of face that can’t stand for pain. However, Sylvia talked to me which helped to distract me from the painful extraction. Of course, Sylvia has excellent technique to do extraction which reduce the pain level to lowest!
Coming to the 4th step, Sylvia gave me a Medirian Point Massage. I personally enjoyed this massage a lot although it was only 5-7 minutes. I felt more relax after the massage. 
I was given a cold mask for 30 minutes.  
Overall, I am satisfied with esmé Beauty Express Facial. Like its name, it is express; meanwhile, this treatment can rehydrate and rejuvenate my skin! My skin look shinier than before the treatment. I recommend you to go for esmé Beauty Express Facial, not only because it gives impact only in short period, but also because IT WORTH! 

Whoops, I have not talk about the price yet. Well, it only costs RM68 per treatment. For me, it consider as the CHEAPEST facial I have had in Klang Valley. I have experienced the similar treatment when I was a student, it started from RM88 per treatment. Still, it did not give the result like what esme gave to me. 
Treatment Name: esmé Beauty Express Facial 
Normal Price: RM68

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Address: No. 65-1, Block D, Jaya One,
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Tel: 03-7955 1491


  1. The price looks reasonable… Facial is relaxing.. I miss my facial session really much! Must find time to go for one..

  2. Wow My friend, What a drastic change in glow of your face. Awesome. Very soothing facial Thanks for sharing step by step pics. Cheers

  3. Women have the sense of beautifying their facial looks through this new method. Happy for you that you made it beautifully. Hoping for the good result.

  4. What is RM6 when compared to PH currency? I couldn’t appreciate price for that matter. This is the first that I see a facial treatment being covered with a gauze, then being applied with what? a plaster of Paris. Sorry I have no idea about it.

  5. Men are usually not going for facials. But I have experienced it once, and liked it. Now you make me feel like I want to have one again. Haha!

  6. Your looked great and fresh after the facial. I need one, too and how I wish I could just go out and go to the nearest spa for a spa day.

  7. I haven’t had a facial in ages and after seeing how fresh you look ( and glowing too ), I know I need to get one soon. The price isn’t so bad.

  8. Haven’t had a facial in years, I should do something about that haha. Your skin after the esme Beauty Express facial treatment really does look rehydrated! Skin rejuvenation sounds good right about now. 🙂

  9. Gosh, it’s really one of the cheapest facial I’ve heard of! Haha, if I go Malaysia to do it, it will be even cheaper because of the exchange rates!

  10. I used to have facial treatment every month but i got sick and tired of extracting my zits and told myself ill just stick to my daily routine of washing my face with a good soap every morning and evening

  11. Excellent facial and your face looking quite clean and bright after it.price is just too good for it and massage at any point of time is sub a great way to relax.

  12. You look so much more refreshed after your Esme facial! Definitely need to look into booking a facial treatment for a treat in the summer!

  13. I think i need to go for facial after reading your blog post. There are many blackheads and whiteheads around my nose area.

  14. Wow! Your skin looks so much brighter and supple after the facial! The price seems very competitive too. I have had similar facial treatments before for much, much more expensive prices. Anyway, your post reminded me to get my much-needed facial! 😀

  15. I’m a bit careful about who touches my face because the last time I had a facial, I had acne that didn’t heal for two years! It was from a popular facial center here, too. Would have loved a good facial, I’m just not sure where to go. I’m scared since that experience.

  16. I am not afraid of a lot of things. But I am scared to have facials. Although, I also am contented with my face now. Not that it’s elegantly smooth, but that I don’t have pimple issues, and etc. Just plain and simple. Natural face. 😀 The procedure though have noticeably improved your face. 😀 Looks smoother and fairer.

  17. I really hate the extraction part with facial, I only tried it once and I think I got even more breakouts after! Anyway, yours actually looked rfreshing and effective after, so i might rethink my facials.


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