Sushi Mentai @ Pandan Indah, Cheras

Danny and I are huge fans of sushi. We have heard from our friend that Sushi Mentai serves probably the cheapest yet high-quality sushi in town. Well, never try never know. Hence, we went to the Pandan Indah outlet recently, and here we are sharing our review!

Sushi Mentai has been operating for 5 years. They have many outlets around Peninsula Malaysia. If you check all their outlets’ location, you will realise almost all of their outlets are not in shopping mall. Instead, it is at shoplot, which has offices and housing areas. Hence, if you come in at lunch or dinner time, they are always full house.

Sushi Mentai has only two prices for the sushi: RM1.80 and RM2.80. 25 types of sushi in each category and 30 types of special sushi depends on season. Here we have the Salmon Mentai and some Special of The Day. 

Salmon Mentai @ RM2.80 (2 pcs)

Special of The Day @ RM2.80

Well, the name itself tells the “mentai story”. Don’t be surprised to find many dishes and sushi rolls are made with mentai sauce. Their mentai sauce is flavorful, it wasn’t greasy at all. If you love mentai-based dishes, you probably should give their Ebi Mentaiyaki a try.  It was fresh and stuffed with flavor. And the best part is the cheap price!

Ebi Mentaiyaki @ RM9.80 (2 pcs)

Talking about freshness, we can’t agree that their sashimi is one of the best we have had. We highly recommended ordering Salmon Toro, which is the salmon belly. It comes in a set of 5; every piece has little fat. All were fresh and firm. 

Salmon Toro @ RM11.80 (5 pcs)

Wish to have more? Then order Sashimi Take, mixed with 3 types of sashimi.

Next, we had two sushi maki: Spider Maki (softshell crab) and Tempura Ebi Maki. The rolls were fully stuffed with all the ingredients. It was perfectly delicious.

Spider Maki @ RM13.80

Tempura Ebi Maki @ RM6.80

If you think sushi rolls contains too much starch, you can try Inari Wrap. For me, it is a healthy and weight loss sushi roll. It was stuffed with vegetables.

Inari Wrap @ RM7.80

Japanese curry lover? Don’t miss the chance to have their curry rice. The curry is imported directly from Japan. It was not spicy, instead it was mild sweet. 

Tori Katsu Curry Rice @ RM13.80

Other than that, you can also grab some appetizer and kabayaki. For example, Chuka Idako, the baby octopus was well-marinated. Meanwhile, Unagi Kabayaki was fresh too, without fishy taste. 

Chuka Idako @ RM4.80

Unagi Kabayaki @ RM9.80

Overall, all dishes we had were absolutely fresh. And we can’t agree more that the price is pretty affordable and it is cheaper compared to some well-known sushi restaurants. Still, the ingredients are fresh and premium. For sure, we will return in future. BTW, there are branches in Klang Valley, Penang, Ipoh and Johor. If you are staying at any of these areas, you can give Sushi Mentai a try.

In conjunction with celebrating the 5th Anniversary, Sushi Mentai is currently having a Facebook photo contest.

How to enter?
1. Like Sushi Mentai Facebook Page.
2. Take a creative photo of yourself when you dine in at Sushi Mentai (any branch in MY).
3. Upload on Facebook, tag @Sushi Mentai Group, with hashtags: #ilovesushimentai#sushimentaigroup (Remember to set as “Public”)
4. Check if your photo has been added into Sushi Mentai FB photo album, then get your friends to like your photo!!!

More details, check:

Sushi Mentai
Facebook: Sushi Mentai Group


  1. Sushi,i like sushi and its one of my favorite food especial when i spend time at Beach with my family most of the time i prefer sushi lather than other sea food i like your blog as well its very social and understandable

  2. Sushi is my favourite dating food, cos my husband will always bring me to eat sushi when I am stressed to give me a treat. Happy memories with sushi. will check this place out!


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