Hot Stuff @ Damansara Jaya

The choices of sandwich are pretty limited until Danny and I found this newly-borned sandwich shop in Damansara Jaya recently. It’s even exciting that we can enjoy sandwich of different countries at one place!

Brought to you by Hot Stuff, you can have sandwiches from Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico, America and more! Hot Stuff is located at Damansara Jaya, serves premium flavours of sandwich from different countries. Black and white are the theme of the cafe. Every design is simple and clean.
Hot Stuff is a pork-free cafe, customer can choose to have either chicken or beef in their sandwich. All sandwich is made upon order to guarantee customer has the best and fresh sandwich. Most ingredients here are made from scratch, NO processed food is being used! Their kitchen is semi-opened, you can see how the crew prepares your sandwich. 

Korean Sandwich
TOP selling sandwich in Hot Stuff. It is also our editor’s pick of the day! The appetising Kimchi paste was filling up your mouth & the meat was super juicy! K-POP fans, you can’t missed this!
Italian Sandwich
Meat was cut and stir-fried together with tomato paste and cheese, just like the all-time favourite spaghetti bolognese! You won’t feel greasy even it was cheesy! 

American Sandwich
The American is a Big YES for Cheese Lover! Meat was cooked with lots of cheese and herbs. Greatest cheese sensation ever!

Thai Sandwich
I don’t think I ever had a Tomyam flavoured sandwich before, probably the FIRST in Malaysia!Savoury chicken/beef cooked with tom yum sauce. Have you ever thought of having Tom Yam Kung with sandwich? Bet you never!

Malaysian Sandwich
How can you forget our own country’s special? Try their Malaysian Satay sandwich~ Dip the sandwich with the provided satay sauce. Believe us, you can’t hold yourself to grab this delicious mouth-watering sandwich. 

Well, don’t you feel hungry now? Head to Hot Stuff now! More flavours are awaiting you to discover!

Note: All sandwiches are same price. Chicken RM9.50 / Beef RM12.50

Hot Stuff @ Damansara Jaya

Address:85, SS22/11 Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel:03-7725 8555
Business Hours:10am – 10pm
Facebook: Hot Stuff



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