1-Day Trip @ Ipoh (2): Gunung Lang Recreation Park & Ong Kee Chicken Rice

Arlo!!! I’m back for second post of my 1-day trip at Ipoh.
What? You missed it? Read it here now… =)
So after trying this famous local Tau Fu Fah,
we went to Gunung Lang Recreation Park.
Seriously, Ipoh is full of mountains.
On the way to Gunung Lang, there are different name for those gunung-gunung.
We chose to visit Gunung Lang because our photography addiction was telling us it needs some drugs. XD

It was sunny and many people were there since it is Raya holidays.
We took boat tour to reach Gunung Lang Recreation Park.
It seems a little bit far apart but actually it only takes less than 5 minutes boat to reach.
*Ticket for boat tour: RM3/adult; RM2/middle school student; RM1/elementary school student; RM0.50/child
The recreation park there is big.
We stayed there for almost one and a half hour to complete touring and photographing.
But, it is slightly let down since the maintenance in this park is really bad.
Those rest kiosks are full of spider webs and some of them have already broken.
There is also a mini zoo; deer and ostriches only.
Same, the place is not well-maintained.
Nevertheless, if you enjoy nature photography,
this is still a very good place to snap photographs.
Now only I realized I didn’t use my digital SLR for more nature photography,
I used my AE-1, but I still haven’t scan the film, so maybe stay tune for more photographs later?
And before we left Gunung Lang,
we make a lot of usie (if you don’t know usie, it is new words for group selfie =p)…
Gunung Lang Recreation Park
Address: Jalan Damai, 30100 Ipoh, Perak
GPS: 4.627581,101.090733 
After Gunung Lang, we went for our late lunch at Ong Kee Chicken Rice.
It was so crowded till we need to share table with strangers.
And they told us, they waited at least an hour for their food.
I don’t really like this place, to be honest.
Undeniably, they have a lot of customers.
They don’t need to care who want to stay and who want to leave before their food to be served.
So what? This doesn’t mean you can treat your customer rudely!
And, I think it is just famous on its name,
Danny and I don’t think their chicken rice has any special.
Some more, I think The Chicken Rice Shop serve more delicious one. =\
Ong Kee Ipoh Chicken Rice Restaurant (安记芽菜鸡)
Address: Jalan Yau Tet Sin, 30300  Ipoh, Perak
GPS: 4.593970,101.083920
Well, here’s the end of Part 2!
Next post, will the last post of Ipoh 1-day trip.
It is also my most exciting place in Ipoh — Art of Old Town.
See ya.


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