1-Day Trip @ Ipoh (3): Art of Old Town

Hello my dearest readers~~~
Back to the last part of my Ipoh trip.
1st post: Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah
2nd post: Gunung Lang Recreation Park & Ong Kee Chicken Rice
So now the third, ‘Art of Old Town’.
After finished eating the less happy late lunch at Ong Kee,
we started our tour of mural arts.
I guess most people know Ernest Zacharevic’s mural art is now in Ipoh as well.
A total of 7, in which people called ‘Art of Old Town’.
but we only went to 6 (I used mobile search, it told me it’s 6! =3=)
And also there are more than 20 local wall arts too.

The video above was filmed when Ernest was drawing the Art of Old Town.
So, now let’s see the mural arts.

Small Kopi O Ice @ Jalan Bandar Timah
GPS: 4.596159,101.077898
I’m not sure is this the art by Ernest.
Some say yes but some say no.
Well, no matter who is the artist,
this was the first mural art we saw.
But, we found the window next to it is more attractive. XD
ZERO filter and photoshop, I only add the watermark.
The window originally look like that!


Look like my photography skill is almost the same with Danny, huh!?
The angle, alignment etc. XD
Sync with each other. =p

After this Small Kopi O Ice, it is easy to spot the Girl mural art since it is on the same road,
visitors can walk straight and will be seen on the same side.

Girl @ Jalan Bandar Timah
GPS: 4.597004,101.078213
This girl mural art reminded me the boy mural art at Penang.
Similarly, both of them are stand on chair, trying to reach somewhere above them.
Next, we headed to the Humming Bird.

Humming Bird @ Jalan Panglima
GPS: 4.596704,101.07843
After Humming Bird,
it is easy to find the 5 packs of Kopi O.
Look to the right hand side of Humming Bird,
you can see a parking space, that is the location of Kopi O.

Kopi O @ Jalan Tun Sambathan
GPS: 4.597151,101.078703
After Kopi O, we went to find the next mural art which is behind this building — Evolution.
This mural art is black and white.
I found it very meaningful.
It talks about Ipoh’s evolution from a tin-mining town back in the old days.
I guess Ernest Zach. purposely drew it at that place since that road is called Jalan Bijeh Timah.

Evolution @ Jalan Bijeh Timah
GPS: 4.596343,101.079138
After Evolution, we didn’t walk to the last two mural arts.
Because it is at another side of the old town.
We planned to drive there since our car was just parked at the junction nearby.
During the walk to find our car, we again saw some mural arts or windows and doors which we think very special.



You can notice the three windows aligned are same in design, yet different in condition.
The whole town here is surrounded by the “old time” feeling.
I guess this is why it is Art of Old Town.
And one more thing you can find very unique will be the alley besides Plan B restaurant @ Jalan Bandar Timah.
There are few mural arts and crafts there.




We stayed at this alley more than half an hour.
Don’t look down of this alley, it contains many different arts.
Then, we drove to the last two Ernest’s mural arts.
It is easier to find if you can locate Ipoh tourism information center.
Because one of the mural art is just opposite the center.

Uncle with Coffee Cup @ Jalan Dato Maharajalela
GPS: 4.59787,101.076169
While the other one, Paper Plane mural art is located nearby,
which is at the next building.

Paper Plane @ Jalan Sheikh Adam
GPS: 4.597715,101.076882
The paper plane was drawn on the top of the building,
what about the bottom part?
There are other murals too.


And such a coincidence, Danny found a rock in heart shape. ❤
Not sure why, there is a rose there too.. @@


Here is the end of out Ipoh 1-day trip.
Since we didn’t stay overnight,
there are still many places we yet to able to visit like Kelly Castle, Gua Tempurung.
So, for sure, I will definitely visit Ipoh again!
Till then.



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