A Different Korean Cuisine at Mr. Dakgalbi @ Sri Petaling

Both of me and Danny love any type of cuisine, but we both are not into Korean Cuisine. We don’t like kimchi and the sauces. Thus, we only...

不用去Florida也能吃到当地才有的美式料理~美国屡获殊荣的餐厅 — TR Fire Grill海外第一家分店就在Pavilion!

每次说起西餐,我们不外乎就是想到牛扒、羊排、Fish & Chips等等。管它是哪个西方国家,总之就是西餐无误。而雪隆也拥有相当多的西餐厅。想吃西餐,随便选一家就行了~但,刚进驻Pavilion不久的TR Fire Grill,并非普通普通的西餐厅。它可是美国数一数二的American bistro美式小酒馆;提供的都是道地的美式料理。TR Fire Grill 源于美国弗罗里达(Florida),在美国可是屡获殊荣的高级西餐厅。而坐落在吉隆坡Pavilion的分店可是全球首家海外的TR Fire Grill。目前除了大马的这家分店外,你也不可能在美国以外的地方能够在TR Fire Grill用餐哦~

Stay Healthy with MorningShop Healthy Breakfast Choice!

The world most difficult problem is to think what to eat in the early morning, especially if you are rushing for work or school. Undoubtedly, Malaysia classic breakfast...

Capitol Satay Celup @ Malacca

I guess I have mentioned countless time that I have been to Malacca for a lot of times. Why? Because it is so near to KL! It seems...

Breakfast Buffet @ Zest Restaurant, Ramada Plaza Melaka

Last Friday, I have shared my stay at Ramada Plaza Melaka (read it here). So here we have our breakfast buffet at one of their restaurants - Zest Restaurant.Zest...

Jekyll & Hyde @ Empire Damansara

If you have been to Empire Damansara, you probably will instantly fall into its European-themed design. After a tiring working day, drop by Empire Damansara to enjoy a...

Guess What-Kota Damansara你不能错过的越南餐馆!

可能因为表嫂是越南人的关系~所以很多年前已经爱上了越南料理。还记得以前的我除了中餐和西餐以外,唯一会愿意尝试的异国风味,就是越南菜。可能都是亚洲的食物,加上越南和中国就是邻居。所以,越南料理,其实也带有中餐的元素。因此,当受邀到Kota Damansara的Guess What尝试越南风味时,我二话不说就答应了。

Eat @ J’s @ Taman SEA

I has forgotten when was my very last time, spending my relaxing evening with my dearest at a cosy cafe. Till yesterday, we finally went for cafe hopping...

MOKU Grill & BBQ @ Oasis Square, Ara Damansara

When you or your friend call for a big party or friend gathering, what would you all have? I think Malaysians have the trend to organise a BBQ...

Buffet Dim Sum @ Long Feng Restaurant, Malacca

Dim Sum, one of the styles of Cantonese cuisine, which is prepared in a small portion. Traditionally, it is served in a steamer basket or on a small...

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