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The world most difficult problem is to think what to eat in the early morning, especially if you are rushing for work or school. Undoubtedly, Malaysia classic breakfast choices are nasi lemak, mee goreng, dim sum, etc. But what if you want to have some healthy choice? A lot of people think they would have to spend much time to prepare. Yet, it is much easier than you think. Remember I have shared my granola breakfast and snack before? Now, I am back with another choice – Muesli and Cereal Pillow, from MorningShop Malaysia.

MorningShop Malaysia Muesli

MorningShop Malaysia

MorningShop is the leading vertical e-commerce site for healthy breakfast cereals in Taiwan. There are various kinds of cereals, granola and muesli on MorningShop Malaysia website.  Their mission is to provide various high-quality and convenient healthy-breakfast food.

As said, I have already shared my granola’s recipe previously, in addition, one cannot consume granola everyday as it is quite heaty (I ate it 3 days in a row, I have ulcer already.). Therefore, I am recommending to have muesli as breakfast more often this round.

For whom who doesn’t know much about muesli, it is actually ready-to-eat cereal.  FYI, muesli is primarily made up of raw rolled-oats, typically mixed with dried fruits, nuts, seeds and puff or flake cereal. Some people choose to buy the mentioned ingredients to mix their own muesli; however, I would suggest to get a ready one so you don’t have to measure the amount of each ingredients yourself. BTW, muesli is my first cereal breakfast few years back and this is how I start my healthy eating habit.

I am currently having Vilson Organic Raspberry Fruits Muesli from MorningShop Malaysia. Personally, I love the fruity berries taste. That’s why I choose the fruit-based muesli. Some may like more nuts, you can also check those options from MorningShop yourself later.

Note: This a non-sweet mix grain cereals, and there has no artificial coloring. You can safely consume it with either milk or yogurt. It is always recommended to add the fresh or frozen fruits too.

Other than muesli, cereal is also a good choice for breakfast. However, I personally doesn’t like the classic cereal much. So, when I came across the Bonavita Cocoa Cereal Pillow in MorningShop, I know this is my kind of cereal!

Bonavita Cocoa Cereal Pillow is cereal with chocolate filling inside. It is crunchy and tasty, which children and adults will love. Well, you can treat it as breakfast, but I personally prefer to have it as my snack. If you are a person who love snack, then grab cereal pillow. Not only your breakfast is healthy, but also snack!


If you are looking for a place to get hearty and healthy organic cereal, muesli or granola, check out MorningShop Malaysia! There are plenty of choices for you to grab your healthy breakfast. Let’s eat real food together and live healthier and longer~

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  1. I actually love a healthy, organic breakfast but lazy to prepare cos I thought it is too much work. So I take the shortcut and eat all the unhealthy meals. Now I know I have a good option. Thanks for recommending.


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