Review: Borghese Fango Active Mud for Face & Body

Hello beauties!!
Hope you have a sweet weekend.
This time, I am going to share my favourite mud – Borghese Fango Active Mud for Face & Body.

First knowing this mud is at SaSa One Utama.
The consultant introduced me this mud for exfoliation purpose.
This is the 430ml size, there is a smaller one which is 200ml.
Not sure have you guys heard about this mud before.
But I googled and found there are many positive feedbacks on this mud.
Along with my own experience, so I decided to share this with you all.

Borghese Fango Active Mud for Face & Body (Dark Green)
Our signature and classic Fango Active is a one-and-only, must-have, mineral-rich mud. It’s a sensational step beyond everyday clean. Derived from traditional Tuscan treatments, its deep-down purifying power purges and minimizes pores. It exfoliates and helps surface cell turnover, imparting clarity. It hydrates and firms reducing fine lines and providing smooth, toned texture. Infused with Sweet Almond and Avocado Oils, this mud detoxifies and does away with dull skin, leaving skin radiant and refreshed. — Borghese
Basically what Borghese Dark Green Mud does is,
to firm & tone, purify/deep cleanse, exfoliate, brighten and soothes & soften our skin.
It will be light stimulation on face after application of the mud.
But soon, it will be okay.
According to the direction stated, apply only 3-5 minutes.
I normally only put 3 minutes because the time I walk to toilet and wash it,
I think it reached almost 5 minutes.
So, it normally didn’t fully dry before I wash it.
Since it is for face and body, for sure you can apply on your neck as well.
As long as you clean it afterward.
The beauty consultant at SaSa actually told me to do it during shower so I can directly clean the mud on my body.
CAUTION!!! Green face attacked below!!!
Hope this green face didn’t give you a shock.
I applied quite thick.
Basically apply until I cannot see my own skin color.
Avoid eyes and lip, because those parts will dry faster and it will stretch.
My thought on this mud:
Since my face is dry combination. This mud helps me to tone my skin.
Also its powerful deep cleansing function help to clean my pores much.
My pimples are lesser and blackheads cleared after regularly using Borghese Fango Active Mud (Dark Green).

Recently have applied hydrating mask after this mud,
it is more effective in keeping my face hydrated.
I think you can try this as well.

Sorry I have forgotten the price of it because I bought it very long time ago.
You can go SaSa to seek for the products.
BTW, there are few different type of Borghese Fango muds.
You can ask the consultant for suggestion.
Or see the chart below:

Apologize to my friends who don’t know Chinese.
I only manage to find this chart with Chinese character.
I summarize it for you~
Dark green – Deep cleansing
Pink – Whitening
White – Brightening for dry and sensitive skin
Blue – Restorative, hydrating

Other than SaSa, I notice that Natta Cosme and BeautyStall are selling it too!
But it always runs out of stock
Click here to view it at Natta Cosme.
Click here to view it at BeautyStall.

1. If you wear makeup often, the beauty consultant told me to use it two days once to deep cleanse.
2. If you have got a big big acne on your face/body, apply the mud on that spot, leave it overnight, it will recover the second day.

Till then.


    • Yes, it will dry and no it won’t peel off. As the instruction stated, wash after 3-5 minutes. I don’t think you can see it dry and peel before you rinse with water.

    • It takes few attempt to see the result. I quite satisfied with it since it does help to control my oily T-zone and clean up my pore. It would be greater if you apply a hydrating mask straight after this mud.

  1. Borghese offers a fine line of cosmetics so I expected that you’d have a positive outcome. With the right ingredients, face masks can be very healing for the skin too

  2. I put masks on every week, I get mine from Lush! This looks great and it has great affects makes your face smoother, a great way to look after your skin!

  3. I don’t wear make-up a lot. Only lipgloss everyday but I have to admit that I’m not into masks. I don’t even remember if I’ve ever purchased a mask for myself other than the ones they give you at the facial centers. I’m so much lacking in my beauty regimen!

  4. I was shocked when I saw your green face. You looked funny, like Shrek. But it does look like your skin got better after. So i might try that too.


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