Review: Arte Belle Beauty Scraping Therapy

Last Friday Rebecca and I have had our Beauty Scraping Therapy by Arte Belle.
Partnership by two young ladies; Fiona and Yee Mun.
Brought to you and me, something different from facial treatment we always come across — Scraping a.k.a Gua Sha.

What is Beauty Scraping Therapy?
When first being invited by Arte Belle, I was thinking it is a body massage.
But with the word “beauty” in the front, I was confused.
Now, no doubt, it is for facial!
But, wait! Based on my memory, isn’t it Gua Sha full of pain?
NO! This beauty scraping therapy is painless and relaxing.

Arte Belle is using a buffalo board (you will find it in the picture below) to do the therapy.
As told, the buffalo board can enhance facial complexion and skin radiance.

In traditional Gua Sha treatment, the therapist will apply oil such as baby oil to smoothen the scraping procedure.
But, you and I also know that, our face cannot take this kind of oil for massage.
So do Arte Belle. In other to pamper their customers more,
they use a very well-known brand in worldwide — Artistry, for the scraping therapy.

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FYI, Arte Belle does not have any beauty center.
So, they provide service at doorstep!
Wow! Let become more beautiful at home! 😉

Before the therapy, Yee Mun and Fiona gave us a briefing and understand our skin problem.
To be honest, initially I thought the therapists will be someone who are elder.
Yet, I was surprised to know that they are my age.  >.<
Then the therapy began.
Daily skin care routine before the scraping session.
I thought the products will be applied only after the scraping,
but Fiona told me the products needed to be applied beforehand,
so that our skin can absorb the essence, moisturizer etc. during the scraping session.
Same as the normal facial therapy, we have mask time too.
We were given the pore cleansing mask.
The mask gave me a cold feeling.
It is similar to clay mask but it wouldn’t dry and crack like clay mask.
Not sure what it called.
My dear insisted to take a selfie with me wearing half mask. =3=
He kept laughing at me when I looked at him with this half-masked face.
After the mask and applied the essence and moisturizer,
the scraping therapy began.
This’s how the buffalo board look like.
Fiona said it was made according to our face shape.
So it can scrape every part of our face.
Fiona first helped me to massage my acupuncture points which will enhance scraping result.
Below is the comparison of before and after scraping.
the part after scraping looked more shiny.
And I can feel my skin is softer than the part without scraping.
Also the photo below for the whole face before and after.
I think you can spot the difference on my eyes.
Before scraping, my eyes were swollen but after that my swollen eyes gone.
Overall, I enjoyed the beauty scraping therapy by Arte Belle.
Believe me, it is painless!
Even I go to beauty center for facial treatment,
I will still encounter some pain when my consultant help me to clear the pimples.
But, this scraping therapy does not give me this feeling yet smoothen my face.
That’s why I said, stay beautiful at home!  ♥

Want to try this beauty scraping therapy?
There is discount for first trial!
You can find them on facebook: Arte Belle
Or directly contact Fiona 012-3351788 or Yee Mun 016-3476277


  1. That seems like a wonderful technique.. I should try it too! <3
    <a title =”Style..A Pastiche!” href=””> xoxo Chaicy – Style.. A Pastiche! </a>
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    • Hi hi, thank you for your comment. You can contact them for a try. I forgot mention in the blog post, the continued treatment of scraping may give a result of v-shaped face. =D

  2. When I first heard of facial guasha, I was shocked! Because I though it’ll be exactly like body Gua sha. Haha… Thank goodness it’s not.

  3. Artistry is one Brand that I’ve been waiting to try ! Will do so very soon! Made a visible change on your skin 🙂
    <a title =”Style..A Pastiche!” href=””> xoxo Chaicy – Style.. A Pastiche! </a>

  4. Oh gosh, your skin looks great and brigter after the scraping ! It’s quite a new interesting therapy… 🙂
    Keep in touch ya. 🙂
    <a href=””></a>

  5. a simple therapy and it won’t hurt? A greatTherapy. Should try it <3
    <a href=””>MISS IKA’S BLOG</a>

  6. I’ve received email from them to try out this therapy too but I’m kinda scare when it comes to gua sha :/ but now seems like quite okay too! 😛


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