Roar 2: My Convocation…

Finally, a really finally…
Finally I can officially called myself a Psychology graduand..
Yes, I am proud of being a Psych. student.
Who doesn’t like the course they chose themselves.
You have put so much effort in it, don’t you?

My convocation, officially ended yesterday noon.
Wow!!! An achievement in my life…
I am the 26th year Psych. grad. in HELP University…
Roar~~~~~ =D

The ceremony was crowded and I was late.. >.<
Luckily I managed to arrive by 8.30am,
and I am not the last one~~
I have no idea why I am still late to the convo,
Hey! I woke up at 5.30am to do my preparation what?! =0
Never mind, I still managed to attend…
Thank you for my dear, 
drove like a F1 racer… 
I know, you did that because you don’t want me to be unhappy…
And then being nagged by my dad because of driving too fast.
Sorry my dear.. =(

Slightly delay in the ceremony, 
and began with the multilingual speech by chancellor.
It’s long and tiring speech (personal thought).
But, I admired his linguistic skill~~
Tamil!!! Gosh~~~~ Even though it was short,
I think everyone understand he was showing his respect to Indian/Tamil speaking people.. 😉



And finally, the certificate giving ceremony…
That is the moment!
The moment that proved my 3 years++ effort.
And it was given by my most respectful lecturer a.k.a dean of faculty,
who was also my thesis supervisor, Dr Goh Chee Leong!
I was so proud of myself.. =)
The level of happiness is full tank, you know?
I have received my pride from the most respectful and meaningful person!!!!
Awwwww~~~~ Excited!!!! =D
And guess what, I took a selfie with him… 
Oh Gosh…. I will never forget this…. =)


But, a convocation really not easy..
It was really tiring.
I didn’t take much photos with my peeps.
Only a few… I guess less than 10.
And I smile until I felt it was so fake. 0_0

The one and only photo with all my loves
Yeah, my man and my parents.
The 3 most important persons in my life.

One of the most happiest moment in my life,
I have all my loves with me,
sharing this happiness.
Love you three countless…. 

Thank you papa mama for coming,
far from Sandakan, my lovely hometown to here.
Just for this moment.
I know I am your pride;
so do I.
I want to be your pride, daddy mummy.
I didn’t let you down.
I made it, graduated as a 2nd lower class holder.
Although I am not holding 1st / 2nd upper class.
I love you, papa mama…



To my man,
appreciated you are by my side,
even it’s just a short period of time.
We know each other in middle of October 2012,
And in love since May 2013.
I still remembered how you take care of me especially during my thesis time.
You know I cried how loud it is in the morning,
and I know you cannot fall asleep because you are heartache on what I was facing.
No people know better than you did on that harsh time.
And that time, we were yet couple.
You insisted attending my convo even it costed a lot.

Also, my peers…
Especially those who were close to me.
Wei Zhi, Chai Cheen, Nicole, Ching Fang….
We support each other in the uni.
We were not close in the beginning,
but these 3 years, you guys colored my life.
Wish you all the best and keep in touch always.

Of course, I couldn’t forget my roommie; Jillian..
We shared our time among the 3 years.
The first people I know in KL,
and the most missing people in my uni.
We never quarrel,
we shared our stories; 
happy or sad.
We have our ex when we were in the first year,
and we got our second in the last sem.
We know the stories of each other.
Sharing also crazy moment during revision,
talking nonsense and keep saying bad things about the study.
And then, we still study and did our assignments.
When one of us said “I don’t want to do” ” I don’t want to study”,
another one will said something motivate the other to keep moving.
I am lucky to have you as roommate… =D
One and only~~~



May 10, 2010,
I began my life in HELP,
as a freshmen of Psychology course.
July 14, 2013,
I sat for my last paper,
as a Psychology 3rd student.
April 27, 2014,
I am officially graduated,
as a 26th convocation Psychology graduand.

The convo took 3 hours, 
our effort took 3 years.
The convo is just a official representative of our hard work;
what proved we worth this piece of paper is the effort of those years.

If you ask me is it hard?
I will say, YES.
But, it worth.


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