I Am 80’s Cafe – A Cafe Full of Childhood’s Memoirs

Sometimes when surfing social medias, we will see some posts like “Childhood before 2000 vs Childhood after 2000”. Yes, kids nowadays play with gadgets more than us. If you were born in the year before 2000, you probably know my feeling, wishing to go back to the “old time”. The owners of a hidden gem at Taman Rasa Sayang, I Am 80’s Cafe have made our wish come true!

One of the owners, Dong, waw born in 80’s, ex-executive chef of our local well-known franchised restaurant decided to open up a cafe which is full of his childhood memory. He wants to tell the eldest (people born before 80’s) and the youngest (probably kids after 2000, since 90’s is still playing together), how the 80’s generation is, and what life means to us. To be honest, I think Dong is brilliant! The 80’s and 90’s generations have different thought about “life”.

Parking is never an issue if you want to dine at I Am 80’s Cafe. This place is very quiet. If I was not invited to join the blogger friends gathering, I will never know about this amazing cafe in PJ. There are two levels in I Am 80’s Cafe; ground level and basement! Guess no one has ever heard about a cafe in basement, right? It was extremely comfy in I Am 80’s Cafe. The entire cafe was decorated with different things which bring us back to our childhood.

**Be prepared you will browse tons of photos! Because everything in this cafe worth to capture!

Ground level has more modern decorations. 

There are props you can play around with. 

 Everyone was cheering when Danny and I did this. 

Looking for 80’s memories? You must check out basement! A tiny space and wall when walking down to the basements were packed with tiny decorations too such as snacks, scandal, old TV etc. 

One side of the basement wall was retro-themed. Vinyl Records were being hang on the wall. Meanwhile, at the other side, there are canvas paintings. There is also a corner with the old business signboard.

Oh ya! I Am 80’s Cafe is also a pet-friendly cafe. Nonetheless, unlike the common pet-friendly cafe, they only open for pets a day every two weeks. Or you can make a call if you wish to bring along your pet on that day. The owners are friendly. If they have no event on that day, probably they will allow you to come with your pet. (**Pets not limited to dog and cat. I asked whether I can bring along my chameleon, bearded dragon or hedgehog, they are okay. But first, you must ask!)

Finally, we reach the food part! Let’s have soup as the starter – Mushroom Soup. Well-cooked with wild mushrooms. Drizzled with truffle oil, the soup was aromatic and creamy.

Mushroom Soup @ RM9

You should also try their 80’s Beef Stew. Slow cooked for 12 hours, the beef stew was heavenly delicious. Beef was tender and juicy.

80’s Beef Stew @ RM25

If you are going with a bunch of friends who don’t mind sharing food, go for their 80’s signature! This gastronomic set included 1/2 roasted chicken, onion rings, 12″ chicken sausage, fish & chip, sweet corn, hash brown, garden salad, pesto bread. Two dipping sauces – BBQ sauce and Tartar sauce were served. Typically, this palette is suitable for 3-4 pax. 

80’s Signature @ RM75

If you love creamy pasta, you are recommended to have their Black Mussels in Pot. Spaghetti was cooked with cream sauce, and then, sautéed with fresh mussels. It was creamy; however, the taste of mussels were too strong which covered the original cream sauce taste.

Black Mussels in Pot @ RM40

Dong is a Sarawakian. Hence, he has included Sarawak’s signature in his cafe too – Sarawak Laksa. A laksa lover will say this laksa was sweet-smelling. Prawn, egg slice, bean sprouts and shredded chicken were served with vermicelli noodle. It was delightful; however, it was spicy too. Non-spicy eater might not able to finish it.

Sarawak Laksa @ RM12

If you are here for cakes, grab any cake which is available. We have tried this appealing Bailey Chocolate Mousse, it was moist and soft. 

Bailey Chocolate Mousse @ RM16

However, if you are asking me for dessert’s recommendation, I will tell you to have their Dancing In The Pan! Warm bread pudding topped with vanilla ice cream. It was served on a hot baking pan. Make sure you don’t touch the pan! Vanilla and chocolate were poured onto the pudding, the dance (sizzling on the pan) started! Eat it immediately! It is not hot at all because the ice-cream cool down the hot pudding! Else, you can’t feel how this fascinating dessert melt inside your mouth. 

Dancing In The Pan @ RM20

For drinks, I recommended you to have their homemade fruit smoothies. Feel free to bring back the container, but first, tell the owner. 

Banana Mango with Basil Seed @ RM 14

Lychee Soursop and Mints Leaf @ RM 15

Mix Berries and Dragon Fruit @ RM 16

If you can’t live without coffee, I Am 80’s Cafe has 80’s Coffee and Milk Tea. Or you are a chocolate lover, take their Hot Chocolate.

80’s Coffee @ RM10

80’s Milk Tea @ RM10

Hot Chocolate @ RM13

If you want a “good-looking” beverage, order yourself Sarsi. Guess only early 80’s has come across this Sarsi packaging. You don’t need to take the bottle out, when you drink, the Sarsi will slowly come out from the bottle. 

Sarsi @ RM6

At one glance, I Am 80’s Cafe is a great place to stay; either only yourself or with friends. BTW, You can also book their basement for private party or event. 

I Am 80’s Cafe
Address: 35, Ground floor, Jalan SS4C/5, Taman Rasa Sayang, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
Tel: 03-74972846
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday: 11.30 am – 10.30pm; Sunday: 10.30 am – 10.30pm
Facebook: I Am 80s Cafe



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