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Malaysian Go where makan a? Eat what o? Lunch/Dinner at where a? Mamak again a? Do you have the same problem when you want to fill up your stomach? Think of what to eat is the most stressful routine ever... =( Fast food? Mamak?  Yes, I truly understand your pain. Why don't try out something...
--- As at 10 July 2015, Charlie Brown Cafe has ceased operation. --- Like a themed cafe?A Snoopy lover?Then, you must visit Charlie Brown Cafe.Charlie Brown Cafe is a cafe themed with Snoopy~So, how can a Snoopy fan like you say no to them? During my last...
Noodle Shack 麵粉居 is one of my favorite dining places in KL. I am a Pan Mee lover~~~ =D Personally like to go Noodle Shack @ IPC but not other branch, because of their services. It was more than a month I have not been...

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