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Whether you live in Singapore, or you’re just staying here for a while, flowers and gifts are always a necessity. Whether you want to cheer someone up or grab a gift on the go if you’re attending someone’s party unexpectedly, A Better Florist is the best florist in Singapore to turn to, for several reason. Unlike other flower shops, A Better Florist...
Shoppers! Are you ready for the sleepless shopping day? 11.11 Singles' Day Sale is this Saturday! Meanwhile, Black Friday is also on its way! What a great shopping November, isn't it?
The world most difficult problem is to think what to eat in the early morning, especially if you are rushing for work or school. Undoubtedly, Malaysia classic breakfast choices are nasi lemak, mee goreng, dim sum, etc. But what if you want to have some healthy choice? A lot of people think they would have to spend much time...
相信每个人都知道,早餐是每天最重要的一餐。要健康强壮的身躯,早餐一定要吃好。可往往,我们都因为工作上的繁忙而对早餐随便了些。再加上很多时候因为早上赶着去上班、去上学,可能就路上买个nasi lemak、炒面,甚至只是吃两片面包就当一餐。反正过一下就午餐了,那时候再补回就好了嘛~其实,没必要让健康等,因为你只需在吃着现在的早餐食物,额外加上一杯Dutch Lady PureFarm牛奶,你就能够在最重要的早餐获得足够的营养!
One more week till the actual day of Raya~~ My Muslims friends, have you done your shopping for the big celebration? Especially for your home refurnishing part which I know almost all the families will do to welcome Raya every year. IKEA, for sure, one of the best place to shop for new furnitures and home living stuffs. Guess...
距离父亲节貌似还剩下一个星期而已。孩子们,你为父亲准备了什么礼物了呢?其实,重复又重复地说过,爸妈要的不是我们花上多少钱给他们买礼物;最重要的,是心意,是那份关爱。这个父亲节,就把窝心送给爸爸吧~为他送上Diamond Coral三秒即暖饮水机。
If you has no clue on how to get to Phnom Penh from Siem Reap, you are at the right place. Or, you know you want to go by bus but looking for a recommended bus company, you are at the right place too. Because we are going to share our bus experience from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh....
How I wish I won't suffer from menstrual pain and even back pain during my period. For those who have the same pain, you will know how uncomfortable it is. Remember two weeks ago, my friends and I talked about it, and the following day, my period came. Oh gosh! Here the painful journey started. Normally, I will only...
如果你是宠物主人,对于宠物展应该不会陌生。在雪隆区每年都会有最少两场大型的宠物展。在4月14日至16日,Pet Fiesta 2017在Setia City Convention Center成功举办。这堪称是全马最大的室内室外宠物展。你,是否参加了呢?

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