Are You IKEA Fan? Pay Lesser During Your IKEA Haul This Raya!


One more week till the actual day of Raya~~ My Muslims friends, have you done your shopping for the big celebration? Especially for your home refurnishing part which I know almost all the families will do to welcome Raya every year. IKEA, for sure, one of the best place to shop for new furnitures and home living stuffs. Guess what? Instead of buying your desired IKEA items at IKEA outlets, I have a better way to share with you. You can even grab the items at lower price! Really!!??? Let’s check it out below…

I have been mentioned a couple of time, I am not local. So, few years back when I came KL to further my studies, IKEA is where I find my furniture for my new “home”. Table, lamp, cabinet, etc are all IKEA products. Since that, as long as I need anything related to home living, IKEA is my No. 1 choice. Until recently, I found a way to satisfy my IKEA haul – cheaper than I shop at their outlet. Where? It is at CAROUSELL. I am sure many of you have heard, or perhaps used/using CAROUSELL. If you don’t, check out the article I introduced it three years back when they launched in Malaysia here.

Besides than apps, you can also logon to their website at CAROUSELL.

Well, I didn’t tell this i blog yet. I have resigned my full-time job two months ago, and now am doing freelance job for my own startup business. Hence, current income is not as stable as previous. That’s why I have to find ways to cut down my spending. Recently when I was finding for a decorative lightning on CAROUSELL, I was surprised that tons of IKEA items are sold there and the price is much affordable.

This is the lighting I was talking about. IKEA lighting and it is selling at RM35!

Maybe you are not so excited still because you don’t know the original price. But look at what I found on IKEA app! (I said I love IKEA products, and I am a member. For sure, I have their app on my phone so I can always look into things I want fastest.)

Saw? Price in IKEA is RM149! OMG!! That’s a huge huge difference. Sounds like I can buy 4 sets in CAROUSELL and I still have balance. This is crazy~~~ So, I purposely find few more items to compare the price. I found the exact same wardrobe I am using now selling on Carousell, it is RM190. I bought it at IKEA with the price of RM269.

Another one is a floor lamp. Again, same thing, IKEA itself is selling at RM39.90 but you can own it from Carousell at RM30.

Maybe you will say, some are used. But if it is in good condition, with good price, why not second handed IKEA product? I personally think it is okay~ At least I can save more. Meanwhile, if you have some products that you don’t want to keep but in good condition, you can sell it to the same community. It’s a win-win situation, don’t you think so?

Still doubting? Maybe you shall check out the IKEA products yourself to find out how awesome it is. Head to CAROUSELL “Home & Furniture” category now!

Let’s be a smarter IKEA fan together! Pay lesser for your IKEA haul by shopping at Carousell. It helps to save more money, safe and easy to use. And also, as I said, you can also sell your used items there too! So, start it on this Raya~ Cool?


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