Tips on Designing the Perfect Exhibition Booth

Exhibiting at any exhibition show offers business the chance to meet targeted clients who they can market their products or services to. It is however very important to note that the success you will achieve at any show depends on how good your exhibition booth looks. At such shows, the first impression is the most important and it is this that will draw people to your booth. This means that a lot of thought should be put into the designing of the booth to ensure success. Here are a few tips to bear in mind during the designing process.

Stand out from the rest

There will be many booths showcasing themselves at the exhibit and only if you stand out will you get the bulk of the visitors stopping by at your stand. Have a unique booth that people will be talking about long after the show is over. One way to stand out is to have a booth that has warm and striking colour scheme. Consider having a big booth that though not cheap can be reused at other shows in the future. The lighting is also very important and will make you stand out. This is not to say that you should have bright lights all over the booth. Talk to a designer who knows how to balance lighting best.

Brand everything 

Your brand is what you want to remain in the mind and lips of the visitors you will get. So, have as much of it in your exhibition booth as you want. The company name should be conspicuously displayed in the booth so the people know what to expect as soon as they walk into the booth. If you have a website and social media account details, display them as well so people know where they can find you afterwards.

Do not be afraid to use text





Many people think that images are better at passing messages than text. This may be true but pictures require explanations. You can choose to be explaining by mouth but you and your staff may not be able to talk all day long. Visitors will be trickling in all day long and talking all day saying the same things may be too cumbersome. Consider including some text in the design as well but keep it short. The writings should invoke question or a need to find out more. Ensure the text is at eye height so it is easily visible and can be read.


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