Love Lock Penang Hill

Greetings to beauties and handsome~
Not sure whether you guys have heard about Love Lock at Penang Hill?
Danny and I were there few months back and I am glad to share with you all this lovely place.
Many of us know about the Love Lock Bridge in Paris. But, early this year part of this bridge was found collapsing due to the weight of locks. Not sure is it such a coincidence, Penang Hill announced the opening of Love Lock bridge on 14 February 2014, which is the western valentine day. ❤
A kiosk to sell lock is set at the side of bridge. Visitors can buy lock there. But the smaller costs us RM25 which can easily get less than RM10 in grocery or supermarket. Of course, you can bring your own lock, and lock it here, it is not compulsory to buy the lock at the kiosk.
After adding some drawings on the lock, we locked it on the bridge.
 Our mission completed! 1st love lock at Penang Hill. We wish to lock another one at Paris. =D I am not sure whether the lock will be removed after a while in case it collapses like the bridge at Paris. Hopefully next time we return, we still manage to see our love lock there.
BTW, we saw a sterling lock there! What a brilliant idea! It is the most eye-catching lock among all. XD Check it out yourself at Love Lock Bridge on Penang Hill. 

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  1. It’s nice to know that there’s a similar concept here in Asia since, let’s admit, going to Paris is quite costly! At least I could also experience this because it’s within Asia 🙂

  2. Oh! I didn’t know Malaysia also has a version of the love lock bridge. Will definitely visit this one, since the next closest one with a similar theme is in South Korea.

  3. Very special and memorable to lock your heart because of love. Many dreamed to be together always…in sickness and in health, ’till death do us part, but the padlock remains closed forever.

  4. I remember seeing a love lock area in Shandong, China too but it wasn’t located in a bridge so I guess it won’t fall of too like the one in Paris. I hope Penang Hill get a lot of locks here.

  5. This is mode everywhere in the globe now! It was hilarious when that bridge collapsed cause of this…I was thinking about it before and nobody payed attention to me, lol. Cute thing to do with your beloved one 😉

  6. This is my first time to hear about love lock. well this sounds interesting. You lock your love in it? Sign of wanting to stick together eh? 😀


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