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— Restaurant has moved into Sunway Pyramid —

Two weeks ago, Danny and I were invited to review a new start-up restaurant near Sunway University — Crispy Crust.
This newbies at Bandar Sunway was formed by three brothers,
aimed to serve their customers with the concept of fast food, meanwhile, with healthier ingredients.
You must be wondering how “fast food” and “healthy” can be put into one pot? When hearing of “fast food”, people may think of McDonald, KFC, etc. those fast food pioneer in worldwide. Why people love is because it is fast which means it is less time consuming, people can save more time for other stuffs. But then, we all know the fact, this food is less healthy.

Crispy Crust understands this principle. Therefore, they adopted the “fast and less time consuming” rule of fast food; at the same time, they serve their customers with healthier and high quality ingredients such as homemade bread, fried chicken and sauces.

Recently, the design of café and restaurants tended to be simple, so do Crispy Crust. The dining tables and chairs are all made by compressed sawdust, that caught my sight when I first entered the restaurant. Crispy Crust is a self-service restaurant, thus, customers need to make their orders at counter.
Other than suggested sets, Crispy Crust provided more options to their customers. Customers can mix and match their own meal.
Crispy Crust’s main dishes are fish and chicken. Customer can either fried or grilled for their main dish.
For the fried dish, it is truly crispy and crust. The batter is not thick for both chicken and fish, which is just enough to cover the meat and bring out the delicious taste of the meat. Crispy Crust used their own recipe to make the batter and that’s why the crispy crust chicken can still remain its original taste and crispy doesn’t turn soft too fast.
Fried Chicken with Japanese Rice @ RM7.50
Fried Fish Fillet with Spaghetti @ RM9
For grilled fish, Crispy Crust is using Salmon. However, it always sold out fast! Luck isn’t with us that day. The salmon sold out in the early morning. So, we only managed to try the grilled chicken. Crispy Crust is also making their own grill sauce. The meat is well-marinated with the grill sauce which makes the meat brings out the taste of sweetness. Serving together with Crispy Crust homemade bread or salad, it is definitely mouth-watering!
Grilled Chicken Sanwhich and French Fries @ RM12.50
Grilled Chicken with Home Salad @ RM10
Think that the mix and match isn’t enough to fill up your stomach? Or you are thinking for shared meal with few buddies? Crispy Crust has 4 recommendations!
Grilled Chicken Chop with Sausage and French Fries @ RM23.50
Note that it is beef sausage. So, the meat is harder and more difficult to chew then the chicken sausage. Both are well-marinated and slow grilled.
Double Layer Chicken Chop Spaghetti @ RM20
Tempted to have more crispy fried chicken, but wanted juicy sides, you can go for Double Layer Fried Chicken Spaghetti. Crispy Crust also served the dish with mushroom sauce which also gives the creamy taste in the meal.
Big Sandwich @ RM13
Big Sandwich is definitely the power to kick start your day. Students normally have late breakfast, so Big Sandwhich is the best meal of brunch!
Platter for 4 @ RM50

Few buddies come together for meal, choose Platter for 4. You can share the food together which can satisfy everyone’s stomach.

Overall, Crispy C
rust provides high quality of fast food in Bandar Sunway. A newly opened restaurant but already own a bunch of returning customers means their customers are highly satisfied with the food Crispy Crust served.

Am I going to be a returning customer of Crispy Crust? Why not?
Is Crispy Crust highly recommended? Why not?
Drop by Crispy Crust today and MUST order their crispy fried chicken. 😉
Happy eating!

Crispy Crust | Crispy Fried Chicken
Address: 39, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Business Hour: Mon -Fri 10am – 9pm
Sat – Sun 11am – 11pm
Tel: 03 – 5612 5550


  1. The food looks very delicious but I have a question, since you say you make your orders at the counter, does it mean the food (like for example the grilled chicken chop) are already cooked? Or they still have to cook it, you just make your order?

  2. I like the signage outside the restaurant. Is it made of wood? I am also impressed with the interiors – casual, simple, yet clean. And, I want to give them props for food presentation.

  3. Is it wrong that I look at the platter for 4 and think I could eat that all to myself?! 😉 It all looks absolutely delicious, huge fan of fried chicken! Simone x

    • I don’t think the platter for 4 can be eaten by one persons. it is like 3 main dishes adding together with 3 add on items. If people who can eat more, i guess this platter can serve for 2 persons minimun.

  4. As I keep browsing your article before I formally read it, I am looking for the rating of this place. How much you have rated for the ambiance, the foods, the price, and the service? These are vital for a resto review.

    • I seldom give the rating in my blog. I guess i shall consider it. 4/5 for food as it still need improvement on choice since it now only has fried and grilled.

  5. Looks really crispy and yummy! =D
    <a href=””>Eat All You Can Here!!</a>

  6. The food looks amazing and I am glad you had a wonderful time. BTW Bandar in Hindi means Monkey and I enjoyed a good chuckle reading the name 🙂

  7. You did took some great pictures of the food! They all look so yummy! The place itself looks so cool and has a good feel to it!

  8. It makes me feel envious! The food as you posted them here are all mouth watering. I am curious about the grilled chicken sandwich with french fries. Ah, wishful thinking.. i want to try this…


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