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Harlo to all my readers~
I am back with product review this round.
These two products are designated as a weight management plan within a month.
If you have followed me, either Facebook or Instagram, you knew that I was travelling at Taiwan in November,
and these products has just gotten the right timing! I need for weight loss~
A very big thank to HiShop who offered me to review Fairy Beauty Clenz + Life Food.
Since there are 2 products, I am going to separate into 2 posts.
Fairy Beauty Life Food

“See Magical Result in 4 weeks!”

Fairy Beauty Life Food is an innovative functional food formula that developed based on the concept of good health and good nutrients. The powerful nutrients combination gears body nutrients absorption and stimulates repairs and regeneration of malfunctioned cells.
It is powered by: natural mulberry concentrate, natural lingoberry concentrate, chia seed, red algae mineral extract, soy protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, oat bran (beta-glucan) and fiber, fructo-oligosaccharides, dextrose, monohydrate, flavour, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, vitamin A, B2, B6, C, calcium, iron, zinc, fibre and other nutrients that are essential to our body system.

Fairy Beauty Life Food helps in:-
1. Strengthen body lean muscle composition and contouring body figure.
2. Effective in weight management, promote lasting effects.
3. Improve cholesterol level, blood sugar level and cardio health.
4. Enhance overall body healthiness.
5. Nourish and replenish body wellness.

More information, please check:

Basically, Fairy Beauty Life Food is a complete formula with full nutritional content. With a little bottle, it consists of all nutrients that our body needs. It is convenient to bring.

How to consume?
1. Mix 2 tablespoons with 250ml of drinking water.
2. (a) BMI < 30, drink once a day, before breakfast.
    (b) BMI > 30, drink twice a day, before breakfast and before dinner. 
I personally think Fairy Beauty Life Food is easy-to-drink beverage if you are the one who love strawberry-flavoured soya milk. I guess the taste is due to the combination of different berries.

As the photo above and below, you will notice black spots, that is the chia seed. It is quite similar to one supplement I bought from Taiwan during my holiday, which improves excretion. When the chia seeds absorbed the water, it will form a transparent membrane. Indeed, it looks like frog eggs, still, I think it improve the taste of the drink.

I will recommend you to stir 1 tablespoon of Fairy Beauty Life Food with the water before adding another tablespoon, as it clumped easily if you stir together. Preferably you can shake the drink in bottle if you have the shaker from other supplement beverage. It works in similar way to reduce clumps.

My BMI is less than 30, thus, I only drink once a day, before breakfast. Approximately, one bottle of Fairy Beauty Life Food can consumed around 15 days. So, for the 4-week magical result, you will need to consume 2 bottles of Fairy Beauty Life Food. During the 2 weeks of consumption, I felt I don’t feel hungry easily. Therefore, I tended to eat less than usual, which eventually helps me to lose my weight a little. I didn’t put the before and after photo because physically you will see nothing different from my body shape.

Although the bottle stated “meal replacement”, I personally think that you should not take it as your meal replacement. When consuming Fairy Beauty Life Food, you still need to have your normal meal since the direction of use stated drink before breakfast and dinner.
Fairy Beauty Life Food is selling at RM79 but HiShop is having 50% SALE on it!!! So it is RM39.50 now! And you can get extra  15% rebate by enter the code “SINYEE” while purchasing the product.

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  1. hmm, it’s kinda weird that they gave contradictory direction for usage. saying it’s a meal replacement then tell us we gotta drink this before breakfast and dinner… or maybe this is used to replace part of our meals? maybe the carbs or something?

  2. Seriously I don’t think u need to lose any more weight leh…. Haha.. anyway thx for the review. Hope it will be helpful for those needed!

  3. I am not loving the look of this. I couldn’t imagine this filling anyone up enough to be a whole meal replacement.
    Happy New Year!
    GIG LOVE | <a href=””>The Life of Leeshastarr</a>

  4. I’ve not come across this brand before actually and I’m not sure I could have it as a meal replacement also :p x
    <a href=””> | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |</a>

  5. This sounds really interesting, I like adding in new healthy supplements so I may need to give this a try! <3 GIGLove


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