5 Reasons You Should Try FoodPanda Malaysia

It has been a while that FoodPanda has been launched in Malaysia. For those who do not know, FoodPanda is an online food delivery service that deliver your meals to doorstep. Recently, I was given an opportunity by The Butterfly Project Malaysia, to try out the service of FoodPanda Malaysia. I would like to share with you all about my experience. But first, let me tell you —

” Why You Should Try FoodPanda Malaysia ? “

Get your food from 600+ restaurants
I guess many of you experience that. Lazy to go out from sweet home, but tempted to get some great food from the desired restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant does not provide delivery service (such as Din Tai Fung, Starbucks, Chatime etc.) **Tragedy** Here FoodPanda becomes your errand! FoodPanda will run for you, get your meal delivered to your home ASAP!
Get your food with 4 simple steps; either computer or mobile
To order your food, go to www.foodpanda.my, search your area, choose your restaurant and food, pay your order or choose to cash on delivery, and wait your food to be delivered to your doorstep! If you have smartphone, download FoodPanda apps for FREE and make your order there! (Support IOSAndroidWindows)
Pre-order your food
Busy of preparing your party? Order your food beforehand via FoodPanda; either few hours or few days before the party! Schedule your time upon checkout, wait for your food to be delivered before the party starts.
Re-order with one click
Want to get back the same meal you have before? Login to your account, click re-order, FoodPanda directly bring you to checkout! Pay and wait for your favourite food at home.
Excellent customer service
I swear, FoodPanda is the BEST customer service I have had. I know what every customer hates of; impolite customer service operator, no response on call, keep you waiting for a long long long period until you hung up the call yourself (sometimes) etc. But, FoodPanda gives me a shade of light that customer service is still a hopeful field. I called them, they picked up the call ASAP, and will revert back if you need them to track for your order. Also, I have emailed them, FoodPanda replied all my email not later than 10 minutes after I sent my email!
Not sure whether your family are same as mine. My dear’s mummy will rest on Sundays, means that we have to find our food outside or cook for ourselves. So, Danny and I eventually decided to order our dinner online, and request delivery service from FoodPanda.
The website is very clear and simple. It is easy to use. Zero difficulty to navigate although you are a first timer. Login to/Register at www.foodpanda.my before making order.
Entered city and area, then click “Find Resturants”. All the restaurants at the respective area will be shown.
**Why only the restaurant nearby? My personal thought is that this is to keep your food in fresh and hot condition. Imagine you ordered from a restaurant which need more than one hour to reach, when you get your food, I guess you will get something out of expectation (the bad side, for sure!)
There is various choices of food; Chinese, malay, western, Japanese, etc.. The whole menu is on FoodPanda, the food was well-categorized; thus, it simplified the way to seek for desired food. Similar to online stores, add the food to cart and checkout afterward.
Remember I mentioned pre-order just now? Before directing me to payment, FoodPanda will request the user to review the order. That’s the page which user can choose the delivery date and time. If you have a voucher, you will need to insert it at this page too.
After that, click “Checkout” to pay. FoodPanda provided 2 payment options; online payment and cash on delivery. I think this is a good thing. If you don’t have enough cash with you, then you can pay by your credit card or internet banking. For those who do not have online banking, you can go for cash on delivery. But make sure you have the actual amount. The rider may not have enough coins to return to you.
Then wait patiently, FoodPanda rider will be knocking your door soon! I ordered the Hong Kong cuisine. So, here they are~
Ignore my flora table please~ These are my dinner!!! Thank you FoodPanda to deliver my food even it was a rainy day. Since this is not a food review, I am not going to tell you how the food taste like. 

Remember I talked about re-order in one click? So, if I would like to order the same food again, I always can find back my previous order in my FoodPanda account, and click re-order.
Overall, FoodPanda is a very convenient online food delivery service. Although FoodPanda is still not able to deliver the food in whole Malaysia, I think this is just a matter of time. They are new, they need time to grow! Visit www.foodpanda.my to find out which areas they are accessible to. If your area is not listed, wait for them! As said, they are growing up! For those whose areas are listed, try FoodPanda now! Don’t forget to share your experience with me 😉

Till then.

Find/Follow FoodPanda Malaysia at:
Website: www.foodpanda.my
Email: support@foodpanda.my
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoodpandaMalaysia
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/foodpanda_MY
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/foodpandamy
App Download: IOSAndroidWindows (Click the words will direct to download page)


  1. Oh, that is so amazing. In our place, I haven’t seen one yet that do such services. If I am blessed to get to Malaysia, I would surely try it 🙂

  2. haha cute panda! many office people uses their services too!
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  3. FoodPanda sounds really great! I have used a very similar site before in Austria, but we experienced some issues with delivery as our order got lost. Nevertheless I think that it will be the ordering of the future, Using the Internet rather than doing a phone call.
    Enjoy your future meals ordered by FoodPanada!

  4. Food deliveries are very very convenient. And, I’m glad that you had a good experience with Food Panda. How are their rates? Almost all third-party food delivery service providers here in the Philippines are pretty expensive. The minimum amount required is higher compared to establishments that don’t outsource delivery and sometimes they have inter-city charges.

  5. We still prefer to eat out than deliver because we do not like clutter in our house. But for extreme emergencies or laziness, we will do it too, haha!

  6. I found FoodPanda efficient in context, but when I tried ordering once, we were notified that they don’t deliver in our area yet. 🙁 so i’ll have to wait till I’ll be able to make use of this app.

  7. Foodpanda would really make ordering faster. Finding restaurant in an area would be easier and save you more time with their delivery.

  8. I’ve tried FoodPanda. So far the delivery is quite on time, but I’ve no issues with them. Might consider them again in the future.

  9. Having pre-ordered prepared meals delivered would be a godsend some nights. The cost can be a deterrent though. I wonder if they use a lot of preservatives?


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