California Raisin Raya Manis: Raisin-Inspired Dishes & Desserts To Celebrate This Raya!


Less than 2 more weeks and Raya will be arriving the town! In conjunction with this festive season, the Raisin Administrative Committee (RAC) has introduced an array of nutritious and delicious recipe using California Raisin. Apart from introducing the sweet and mouth-watering recipes, RAC also organised a cooking contest using California Raisin. Well, I was one of the participants, with a group of blogger friends.

The recipes that were shared included the recipes of Nasi Kunyit “Cakes”, Sambal, Creme Caramel, Makmur Cookies and Kuih Lopes.



Not sure if I said it here before, I am not good in cooking. However, I am learning. So, this is a good chance for me to learn some skills from friends~ I am lucky enough to have Pamela, Rane and Chin Yee as my teammates. Special thanks to Pamela, who gave ideas and guided us how to do all the 4-course meals within an hour!

Before the beginning of the contest, Chef Rohani Jelani, who creates the Manis recipe for California Raisin has done a demo session with us on how to make sambal and makmur cookies.





She shared some hands on tips too so that all the participants can cook/bake well during the contest later. Here we have our behind the scene photo~

So, after an hour, here was what we did… Honestly, I love my teammates! They are awesome!!! As said, we have prepared a 4-course meal, with a tiffin theme. The dishes included Kerabu Mango Raisin, Salmon Poke, Coconut Chocolate Raisins and Mango Raisin Smoothies. Yes, all of them have raisin as their main ingredients.


Chin Yee was explaining our concept/idea to the judges 

Here are the other teams’ dishes. Seriously, everyone had done a great job!




**Drum rolls** It’s a contest. So, there are winners! Guess what? We have won the 2nd runner-up! Woohoo~~~~

Again, I am glad to have such an amazing team! I really enjoyed myself during the contest. Thanks California Raisin for the great event. Raisins can do more than what we think it could be.

Don’t believe it? Check out their website for more!

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