Review: S-Trim Slimming Supplement

Good day everyone! Sorry for keep you waiting my new blog post. If you have been following me since last year, you will notice I keep introducing detox product. Well, an obvious reason is to reduce my weight (hopefully); while another reason is that I understand the importance of body detoxification. No matter you are slim or plum, your body need to detox at some point of time. This time, I am going to share with you another detox product – S-Trim Mix Berry Slimming Supplement, recommended by esmé Clinic.
S-Trim Slimming Supplement

S-Trim Slimming Supplement used natural mix berry as the major ingredients. It was clinically proven as:
1. Body fat burner
2. Detoxification
3. Metabolism booster

Therefore, S-Trim mix berry claimed to be the key in weight control. FYI, mix berry is one of the most important source of antioxidants. It plays a role like bodyguard; protecting cells from damage, leading to premature aging and disease. Several research found that it help in lower down blood glucose and insulin response; and hence, control our body weight.
A box of S-Trim Mix Berry Slimming Supplement consists of 10 sachets. It is convenient to bring from place to place. Thus, when I travel back to hometown during Chinese New Year, I brought along few sachets of S-Trim too. As you know, people tend to eat more during celebration. That’s why I need to consume S-Trim mix berry to detox!

To consume S-Trim mix berry, it is pretty simple. Mix a sachet with 250ml of water. However, I advise you to use a shaker, if possible. It crumped when stirring it into the water. If you are using shaking, you won’t face the same problem. It is green and in sourish taste. To be honest, I wonder why most detox products have the similar color and taste.
esmé Clinic advised me to consume S-Trim mix berry before breakfast. It works better! If you think you couldn’t stand for the sourish taste without any food inside your stomach, you can drink it after meal. Remember, you MUST consume in the morning. If you drink at night, I am sure you will never do it again the following day.

Why do I say so? Well, detoxification is always linked to bowel movement. This is the fact, we couldn’t change it. S-Trim is very effective in this case; especially the first two days. Thus, here again my advice, start drinking the first two sachets in weekend; which you think you won’t hang out on those days.

After consuming S-Trim Mix Berry Slimming Supplement for 10 consecutive days, my tummy was slightly flat. esmé Clinic told me that customer will normally see the result after a month consumption of S-Trim Mix Berry Slimming Supplement. Thus, I can get slight flatter tummy for 10 days consumption is a pleasant result already. Overall, I am satisfied with the result of S-Trim Mix Berry Slimming Supplement. I suggested that to make S-Trim mix berry works more effective, consumer should do exercise too; so we can boost up our metabolism even more!
Product Name: S-Trim Slimming Supplement
Price: RM119
Current Promotion: Purchase 3 boxes with 50% discount <= RM180 for 3
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  1. I am on the look out for something to help with my new weightless goals because dieting and exercising alone isnt quite doing it thanks for tthe review

  2. Thank you for such a detailing review on this product. I never tried anything like it but I’m always curious to see how they work.

  3. Hahaha, detox products make you run to the toilet, which is why it makes you think you are slimming down. But try not to depend too much on it or your bowel might not be able to work itself as efficiently next time (coming from someone who have experienced this before :P)

    • Sure, I understand it is not effective in slimming. So I rather take it for detoxification. Sometimes we still need to flush those toxic out from body by this way. Still, exercise works greater, I know. =) thanks for your comment

  4. Nice review and seems a good product to try. But I believe that no slimming supplement is effective unless one do some slimming-related exercises.

  5. As with all types of supplements, we should not expect any medical effects. If it happens, it happens. If not, no guarantees. There should also be a report of long-term effects.

    • I personally think for slimming, it doesn’t have any long term effect. It helps initially. Then we ourselves should keep exercise to maintain instead of only depends on the products. Although i consume detox product, i will still go for exercise. That’s the way to stay healthy.

  6. S-Trim mix berry seems like a great slimming product that is easy to prepare and a great nutritive supplement as well. I would personally like to try it out!

  7. Fortunately, I’ve never had to deal with the task of losing weight. This drink looks like it could be useful, however. I can recommend it to my friend who’s always complaining haha.

  8. I’ve always wanted to detoxify and wasn’t able to because of the bowel movement effect. Perhaps this is a reminder that I shouldn’t book any activity tomorrow? haha


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