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I am back with foodie post this time. First of all, thanks FoodInk for the invitation to review Momento 7. Danny and I enjoyed all the meals there. And also, we got the chance to connect with more blogger friends.
Momento 7 is owned by a group of passionate culinary art graduates. They are coursemates, who wish to utilize their skill to stand up in the food & beverage industry. The restaurant was named as “Momento 7” because one of the owners’ dad intended to open up his restaurant; however, before achieving, he has passed away. Thus, when the young men decided to start their own café, they all agreed to help their friend’s dad to achieve the dream. A very touching story about dad’s dream and friendship.

Back to the point, Momento 7 is an Italian fusion cuisine restaurant. The main dish is pasta. You can definitely find the classic Italian-cooked pasta here. A seafood lover can never miss out their Classic Italian Seafood Cioppino. It was cooked with various seafood, together with herbs and spices in a pan. It was slightly oily because of the olive oil; however, it was delightful.

Classic Italian Seafood Cioppino @ RM20.90
Or you can try out their Scalllop Linguini. It was purely served with scallops and spiced with herbs. The scallops were fresh. It was a mouth-watering dish.
Scallop Linguini @ RM18.90
Other than these, Momento 7 combine this typical Italian food (pasta) with our Asian cuisine; and hence, Momento 7 comes out with their own recipes to create their signature dishes. One of the signature dishes is Tom Yam Seafood Spaghetti. It was cooked in traditional Thai tom yam recipe. This dish was heavenly delicious. If you love tom yam, you must try this out. However, you may find this Tom Yam Seafood Spaghetti was slightly spicy.
Tom Yam Seafood Spaghetti @ RM19.90
And also, Carbonara Salmon Fettuccine. Served with classic Alfredo sauce, the fettuccine was matched with salmon, mushroom and garlic. Because of the spices, Carbonara Salmon Fettucine looks colorful and sweet-smelting. It wasn’t too creamy and greasy.
Carbonara Salmon Fettuccine @ RM18.90
Besides serving pasta, Momento 7 also tried to create more dishes. Eventually, Momento 7 has made their own Teriyaki Chicken Bowl. No doubt, the chicken was sti-fried with teriyaki sauce. The special of this rice bowl was the secret recipe that Momento 7 came out with. They made their own teriyaki sauce and combine it with eggs and rice. Their teriyaki sauce was not as sweet as the one we have, Momento 7’s one was slightly salty. BTW, if you can also go for Teriyaki Beef Bowl.
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl @ RM13.90
Coming to their Signature Poulet Grille, Momento 7 claimed it was French-styled grilled chicken. It was served together with vegetable and baked potato. The chicken was well-marinated and juicy.
Signature Poulet Grille @ RM16.90
Momento 7 also served New England Fish & Chips, they are using dory fish fillet, coated with a thin layer of their homemade batter. The batter was crispy while the fish fillet was delicately fresh.
New England Fish & Chips @ RM 14.90
If you wish to have fish meal but not the typical Fish & Chips, you can go for Momento 7’s Pan Fried Deep Sea Salmon. It was served together with buttered corn and carrot as well as baked potato. It was a little bit dry since it did not serve with any sauce.
Pan Fried Deep Sea Salmon @ RM24.90
Or if you want to have some lighter dish, you can order their Ceasar Salad. Lettuce, fresh cherry tomato and quail eggs was mixed together with Momento 7’s homemade dressing. Then, coated with parmesan cheese powder.
Ceasar Salad @ RM13.90
Other than food, there is also a must try drink at Momento 7 – Fresh juice yoghurt. The yoghurt was homemade. It only can be stored less than one week. Thus, it was fresh and healthier. Also, you can try their latte and coffee. All were above expectation.
Fresh Orange Yoghurt @ RM7.90
Chocolate Latte @ RM7.90
Macchiato @ RM6.90
Green Tea Latte @ RM7.90
Latte @ RM7.90
I highly urged you to give Momento 7 a try. It wouldn’t disappoint you. Try out their signature dishes as suggested, I am sure you will like it.
Momento 7
Address: 31, Jalan Bandar Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 03-8066 5778
Business Hour: Tue – Thu : 11.30am – 9.00pm ;
                            Fri – Sat : 11.30am – 10.00pm (Monday Closed)


  1. looking at all this delicious food is making me so hungry hahaa x
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  2. All the food looks so yummy! For me the teriyaki chicken bowl looks the best! :3
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  3. Everything looks so yummy. I want it all but I really want the seafood spaghetti. I love when they put little designs in the coffee.
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  4. You and your friend look cute in the photograph and I love the swan stenciling on your coffee. Glad u had a great time 🙂


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