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I still remember the time my parents used to bring me to photo store just to print photos. However, we never know how the photos will be until it is printed. Thanks to advanced tecnology, with digital photography, we are able to view and choose before we print. Nonetheless, because we can save as many photos as we can in a digital way, in addition, printing has a cost. It makes a trend that people don’t usually print photos anymore. Still, there are people who will print for certain project, or gifts or like what I did, a photo wall. Introduce you Droprint, which you can print your photos, without leaving your home.

Droprint is a photo printing mobile app which you can get your precious moment printed in your fingertips.
I have tried out Droprint’s photo printing service. There are 3 styles of photo printing – PolaStyle, InstaStyle and Classic 4R.
PolaStyle – Modern polaroids, it is similar like instax photo.
InstaStyle – White borders, it is photo in square with white borders.
Classic 4R – The classic 4R-sized photo we print in photo store.
All photos are printed on quality glossy photo papers. Personally, I think it has the same quality like what I have printed in a physical photo printing shop.
So now, how to get your photos printed via Droprint?
Go to App Store or Google Store, download Droprint app. Register an account, then choose your photos and pay. Your photos will be delivered to your doorsteps in few days.
FYI, other than classic photo printing service, you can do photobook and giftbox in Droprint too. A set of photo printing has 20 pieces photos; meanwhile, a photobook has 32 pages (size is 6″ x 6″). A giftbox is basically 20 pieces photo printing too. However, this if for you to print photos with Droprint, then Droprint helps to deliver your photos as a gift to your friends/loved one.
Cool, right? Well, this is not the only great thing you gain by using Droprint, there are more!
The best part of Droprint is that you aren’t only can print photos in your phone’s photo gallery, but you can also choose photos from your Facebook and Instagram. Select and print it straight away. Convenient isn’t it?
Now, get your precious moment printed with Droprint! Download it and start selecting your photos~ Meanwhile, use my referral code: XRKRDM to get RM5 as rewards!
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