Low Battery While Playing Pokemon Go? 5 Tips To Avoid The Tragedy!


I bet you are one of the Pokemon trainers if you are reading this post. One of the scariest as well as the worst situation is out of battery while playing Pokemon Go; especially if you are catching a Pokemon or in a battle! So, how can you do to avoid this tragedy? Here are five tips to keep your battery juice exhaust slower so you can play your Pokemon Go longer.

1. Turn On Battery Saver

Have you ever notice there is “Battery Saver” mode in Pokemon Go? Go to Setting, check the little box beside Battery Saver. If you are walking to hatch eggs, simply hold your phone upside down. Your phone screen will turn dark, yet, you can still earn your mileage.

2. Turn Sound Off

Music and sound effect are “eating” your battery too. Turn them off to save battery. 


3. Disable AR Mode

Disable AR mode isn’t only helping to catch Pokemon easier but it helps to save battery too. This is because AR mode need working together with your phone camera. Keep on catching Pokemon by using AR mode, meaning that you keep turning on and off your phone camera. 


4. Reduce Brightness

Adjust your brightness to a suitable level manually. Auto-adjusting is actually using more battery.


5. Get Yourself A Powerbank

Always bring along powerbank. It helps to feed your hungry battery. 

If you do not have a powerbank, I am here to recommend you ABS 15000mAh Powerbank (model: Y305)

ABS Malaysia

ABS Malaysia provides wide varieties of power bank – stylish, modern, thin and handy. Meanwhile, ABS is the first in the market which offer 2 years 1-to-1 exchange for powerbank! 

Besides, ABS Malaysia also includes products such as USB cables and car charger. 

**C Two Gadget is the sole distributor of ABS Malaysia.

Why ABS Y305 Style Series Powerbank?

1. 15000mAh 


FYI, I am an iPhone 6s Plus user. The smartphone’s battery capacity is 2750mAh according to the official release. Undoubtedly, it can last longer. However, to fully charge it with a powerbank is a difficult task. My previous powerbank can only charge 1.5 full cycle. On the other hand, my phone can be fully charged 5 times with ABS Y305 powerbank.

2. Dual fast charging


Another great reason to own ABS Y305 Powerbank is its dual fast charging! Two devices are running out of battery at the same time? Charge together! Danny and I always share this powerbank when we are playing together. As promised, the charging is fast; unless you are not using original cable, the charging speed will be slower.

3. LED power capacity light


Four tiny LED lights to indicate the power capacity. When the power capacity is lower than 25%, the first LED light will keep blinking so user can always know if the powerbank has enough energy to backup. Of course, when fully charge, all the LED lights will turn on. 

Its huge power capacity is the main reason I love ABS Y305 Powerbank. Basically, I don’t have to worry if my phone will die out of battery. Of course, I am not only using it while playing Pokemon Go, but also other moment like working and traveling. Guess what? I went to a 2D1N short retreat, I didn’t use a AC power supply at all; yet, my phone’s battery is always full because of this powerbank.
When coming to the weight, I personally still think it is heavy. But, how light can I expect for a 15000mAh powerbank? 

Not forget to mention about its size. It is still considered handy for me as ABS Y305 Powerbank is about the size of my phone. 

Oh ya, ABS Y305 Powerbank’s input port is micro USB. For most Android users, this is a good news because you can use the same cable for input and output. For iPhone users, no worries, a mirco USB cable is given when purchasing the powerbank. 
The only thing I think ABS products can improve is to give a longer cable. The cable is really short which you truly have to put the powerbank as close as it can to the plug. If my plug is attached on the wall, I would have to hang the powerbank on the wall in order to charge. 

So far, I am quite satisfied with ABS Y305 Powerbank. If you are asking my recommendation, I will definitely tell you ABS powerbank!

Interested to buy? You may check out the full list of ABS’s retailers >> http://goo.gl/AFbpua

Alternatively, ABS Malaysia has launched their online store in 11Street too. 
Shop online at .

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For more information/update, find/follow:
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