Review: My UBER Experience

I guess many of you know or at least heard of UBER.
So, I don’t think I am sharing something “strange”?
And I guess if you read news everyday, 
you may also notice some parties are trying to hunt down UBER.
Besides than reviewing the Uber service I have experienced,
this post I am also showing my support to UBER!
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What is UBER?
For those who don’t know UBER like I did before using their service,
here’s the brief explanation.
UBER is a privately held company which uses its own smartphone apps to connect passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire.
In other words, UBER provides service like taxi; passenger can use app to find UBER driver and ride it to the desired destination.

Difference between UBER and Taxi
Yes, sounds that UBER is another form of taxi.
But why UBER is more favorable?
The answer is simple, we know how suck is our taxi service.
Driver is super unfriendly, they will simply shout a number (unreasonable price) during peak hour and we always read/hear passengers were kidnapped/raped/robbed etc. by a taxi driver.
**I am not saying all, but many involve in the first two claims.**

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UBER isn’t the first apps I used to connect a public transport.
I used MyTeksi before; undeniably, it did help me to get taxi when I need it urgently.
However, sometimes I still experience taxi drivers rejected to take my ride.
I saw plenty of cabs around my area, but every of them turn down me. 
Ending up I tried to use UBER since I read many positive reviews from bloggers.

I took the first ride with UberX.
And that is the first day UBER was claimed to be illegal.
But, this news did not make me step back not to try UBER!
Downloaded UBER apps and get registered in first 5 minutes,
then set my location!
And I found my driver, Mr Shakur within 2 minutes!

Mr Shakur is very friendly person. 
I actually told him I am a blogger and would like to know about UBER.
He started telling me the thing he knows and he said that was his 3rd day being a Uber driver!
We talked to each other in the ride, he told me they would need to undergo background checking before successfully to be a Uber driver~ 
Also, they have to attend a customer service training before they started to work.
Since I am working on background screening in company, 
so I was not surprise why it is necessary,
somehow I felt more confident and safer to ride with UBER!

Ending up my ride in RM12.22; however, since I am using promo code,
my first ride is free. =D
Another good thing of UBER is that we don’t need to pay cash!
Upon arrival to our destination, the amount will be deducted from our registered credit/debit card.
How Uber driver earn?
Mr Shakur said Uber drivers earn commission from every ride customer took.
It also depends on how many rides that Uber driver has completed~

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with UBER!
Their service is fabulous, unlike some of the taxi I took.
If you ask me, Taxi or UBER?
My answer definitely be UBER!!!
If eventually UBER was prohibited in Malaysia, I rather take bus than taxi.
Although bus is not as convenient as taxi, it is safer at some point of view. =3=

I #chooseUberMY for a safe and affordable ride.

@KP_JPJ, @JPJ_Malaysia and @aduanSPAD should too!

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