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It is estimated that nearly 50% of the population suffers from sensitive skin. And yeah, I am one of them. Hence, my facial skin easily becomes red; especially if I opt to change another facial cleanser. Having said that, I was lucky that one of my beauty consultants helped me to treat my skin better. So, my skin sensitivity is not as serious as before. Still, my skin gets irritated, everytime when I am back from vacation. In this circumstance, it left only one way to get rid of it – Eau Thermale Avène hypersensitive skin product range.

Hypersensitive skin requires special care to help minimize its symptoms. Eau Thermale Avène hypersensitive skincare range products formulated with Parcerine, a new patented active for intolerant skin that rapidly calms irritation and provided long-lasting protection. Also, these products are formulated with a minimum number of ingredients that have been dermatologically tested for intolerance on skin that is easily irritated by soap, fragrance, colorants and preservatives. To treat the intolerant skin, Eau Thermale Avène has come out with the most basic skincare product: Extremely Gentle Cleanser and Skin Recovery Cream. It is believed that, with consistent use, these products will help the skin to recover its natural balance and comfort level.

Eau Thermale Avène Extremely Gentle Cleanser @ RM65 (200ml)

A very gentle cleanser rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water that soothes and softens the skin. It contains Parcerine, a new active that reduces skin reactivity. Formulated as a non-rinse cleanser, to avoid any potentially irritating effect of harsh tap water.  The plant derived soap-free cleansing agent removes make-up from face and eyes.
How to use:
Apply morning and evening using cotton pad or with the tips of your finger, using light massaging in circular motion. Dry gently without rubbing. If you have Avène Thermal Spring Water, spray a light mist before applying Skin Recovery Cream.

I was surprised when knowing that the Extremely Gentle Cleanser doesn’t require to rinse off with water. It is odorless, unlike their other products. However, I felt the layer was slightly thick and greasy. Therefore, I will still wipe away before I apply Skin Recovery Cream. 
Eau Thermale Avène Skin Recovery Cream @ RM79
Packed in a sterile manufacturing process with a perfectly hermetic patented sealing system, D.E.F.I (Device for Exclusive Formula Integrity). Formulation of product undergoes a rigorous selection of the essential ingredients. It provides specific care for skin which is naturally hypersensitive or has been over-stressed by various aggressions. Contains plant-derived lipids that help to restore the skin’s comfort and natural barrier while glycerin provides intense skin hydration.
How to use:
Apply in the morning and at night after cleansing. Because of the D.E.F.I sealing system, ensure the tube is facing downwards or place it on the table for better control. Squeeze the cream out from the back of the tube, the cream will then extracted from the tube. Once the cream has been extracted, the D.E.F.I sealing system will immediately close and block any exterior pollutants to further contaminate the cream. Then, apply the cream on face.
Check out the gif below for more detailed direction of use.    

I love the D.E.F.I sealing system a lot. However, when first time using it, I didn’t know how to control and press too much cream. Since my T-zone is oily, I only apply the cream on my cheeks and the irritated part. Else, my entire face will become extremely oily after few minutes. 
Let’s see the before and after comparison below. After photo taken at the 3rd day of using Eau Thermale Avène hypersensitive skincare range products. 
Undeniably, my skin was still irritated, but it was better than before. If I didn’t use the hypersensitive skincare range, believe me, my skin will still irritate for a month, at least! If you are suffered from sensitive skin or intolerant skin issue after vacation like me, you must check out Eau Thermale Avène hypersensitive skincare range products! It does help to soothe your skin in a short period. 
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  1. I can see that the Eau Thermale Avène hypersensitive skincare range really worked for you. I am going to check these products out too based on your recommendation.


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