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When sandwich meets Japanese food, what do you think? After trying out this fresh combination at Sumo Sandwich, Berjaya Times Square, I am telling you, “It is heavenly delicious!”
Sumo Sandwich is a Japanese cuisine feats sandwich, a newly startup sandwich stall, located at Berjaya Times Square. Sumo, is an icon of Japan, which is big in size. And hence, don’t be surprise to see their huge size, well-stuffed sandwich. There are two dining area, the area near the order counter is limited, thus, only able to put few two-seated dining table. If you are visiting Sumo Sandwich with a group of people, you are recommend to sit at the opposite area, which is outside the stall.
Further, Sumo Sandwich offers their own recipes bun; hence, you can find 7 types of bread here which are pumpkin, bamboo, tomato cheese, chili, seaweed and multigrain. Meanwhile, the fillings provided are chicken katsu, chicken teriyakai, tuna tamago and mushroom kakiage. To make sure every ingredient is fresh, Sumo Sandwich will only prepare everything few hours before they open for business. All crews are well-trained, most are students from culinary art; thus, they have certain knowledge on preparing the ingredients.
FYI, patrons are allowed to customize their own sandwich, with any choice of bun, fillings and sauces. However, because it is still new trend in Malaysia, the editor chief of Sumo Sandwich has recommended the following match. The first matching is Tuna Tamago with Bamboo Bun. Served together with tuna and tamago sauteed with torched cheeddar cheese and ebiko, this bun was my favorite buns among all. The tuna was filled in every bites, together with the tamago, it was so tempting.
Tuna Tamago with Bamboo Bun @ RM13.90
Subsequently, Chicken Katsu with Multigrain Bun was served. Multigrain bun was stuffed with katsu chicken and cheddar cheese. Although the matching seems lesser than the previous bun; however, the chicken katsu was satisfying everyone’s cravings on meaty meal. It was fresh and easy to chew. Although we didn’t have the crispy bites on the katsu chicken; nonetheless, it was still fit for king.
Chicken Katsu with Multigrain Bun @ RM13.90
Next, we tried Beef Teriyaki with Chili Bun as well as Chicken Teriyaki with Pumpkin Bun. Danny was a beef lover, no doubt, this beef teriyaki bun was his favorite. Both beef teriyaki and chicken teriyaki buns were served with bonito flakes too which increase the savory of the bun. However, the chili bun with beef teriyaki was really spicy, which stimulated his taste buds a lot. Hence, if you are not a chili lover, you might consider to try out other bun with the teriyaki beef. Remember, you can always customize your sandwich at Sumo Sandwich.
Beef Teriyaki with Chili Bun @ RM12.90 / Chicken Teriyaki with Pumpkin Bun @ RM11.90
If you are a vegetarian, or you plan to eat clean, pick the Mushroom Kakiage with Tomato Cheese Bun. It consists of deep fried vegetables, grilled mushrooms and torched cheddar cheese. I am not so fancy about mushroom, but this matching caught my appetite too. Especially when it was matched with the tomato cheese flavored bun, with the taste of sweet and sour, it was totally appealing.
As said, Sumo Sandwich serves huge sandwich; and hence, our stomach was fully stuffed with the five flavors of sandwich, which we couldn’t take the seaweed bun. However, we are sure returning to try it out. The price was reasonable and Sumo Sandwich promises to come out with more flavors of buns so that patrons have more choices. Overall, thumbs up for Sumo Sandwich. They serve really good sandwich. Price is extremely reasonable and affordable because they are serving together with rich fillings. Sum up all, Sumo Sandwich is actually a Subway in Japanese style. However, if one would like to compare Sumo Sandwich and Subway, I will highly recommend Sumo Sandwich because of it creative mix and match sandwich.
Sumo Sandwich
Address: 02-49-09, 2nd Floor East, Berjaya Times Square,
No. 1 Jalan Imbi, 55100, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2110 1323 (Provide delivery within Berjaya Times Square)


  1. The contents look good and generous, but the sandwich itself looks difficult to eat! I think I cannot eat that like a traditional sandwich anymore.

  2. I am drooling over these hearty sandwiches totally delicious they are looking and i have seen those charcoal buns but never heard of bamboo buns.

  3. Hmmm..a must try sandwiches. I haven’t tried this food, but it is really a must to taste it. Salivating looking at the sandwiches.

  4. I lived in the Berjaya Time Square Hotel and visited the mall quite often but I never saw this place and now I’m regretting it.

  5. Kind of look like subway but better choice of fillings. I tried The Counter and it took me more than 30 minutes to build my own burger. Gosh! I am so indecisive.

    • So you have tried out Sumo Sandwich? Awww.. that is great! Yeah, customise took time, that’s why they have “pre-customised”. Haha.

  6. Sumo sandwich sounds BIG. Haha! Seems to have a lot of varieties though, will try this soon. At least, a change from Subway once in a while haha.

  7. Those sandwiches are indeed big! I don’t think I’d be able to finish one sandwich though. I’m not a vegetable eater so these kind of sandwiches may not be the best option for me though they all look delicious.

  8. the portions looks huge! and i love the sumo sandwich mascot! hahaha. would really love to try the pumpkin bun. never had one before.

  9. wow! they looks delicious! Specially the Chilli Teriyaki..I hope that is enough hot! mmm… surely gonna visit them to try.
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  10. OMG! This looks amazing! And what is that black bread? >_<
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