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Say hi to foodies again!
I am back to my blog, introducing you a chilling bakery cafe at Jaya One~
Thank you Jacqueline for the invitation to join this food review.
I have gained some weight as the meals are super delicious. =’)
Well, this bakery cafe I was mentioning is Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Cafe.
Fuwa Fuwa isn’t a new place for me as my office is located at Jaya One.
I have visited there for few times, and it is my pleasure to write a review for them.
Fuwa Fuwa consists of 3 sections; non-air conditioned area, kid baking class area and chilling area.
Non-air conditioned Area
Kids Baking Class Area
Chilling Area
The ambience is great here, it suits all age groups.
As mentioned earlier, there is a section for kids baking class.
Fuwa Fuwa organizes kids baking class every Saturday.
Not only meeting new friends here, kids can learn how to bake cookies, bread and cupcakes;
while parents can chill with one another when the children are having classes.
Children learn different things during every class.
I would say they are very potential!
Let’s see the cupcakes they made~

So adorable right?
I am depressed now, I can’t make such cupcake but a kid can?!
Too bad Fuwa Fuwa only opens class for kids aged 5 to 12. =(
But Fuwa Fuwa said they will be considering to open adult classes since many parents actually requested them.

Not only this, parents can book Fuwa Fuwa area for private birthday party for their little prince and princess.
Parents can request for desired theme of the party.

Picture from Fuwa Fuwa Fb Page
Since Fuwa Fuwa is a bakery cafe,
for sure they sells breads, pastries, cakes etc.
Unlike some bakeries and cafes, Fuwa Fuwa bakes their own breads and pastries.
Told by them, the owner owns a bread factory named New Zealand Food Industry,
and eventually opens Fuwa Fuwa as a bakery cafe.
Thus, they are selling their own products.
Cookies @ RM8/box
Sunshine Cookie Bun @ RM3
Captain Floss @ RM3.40
Chessy Fuwa UFO @ RM3.80
Magic Cheese Stick @ RM2.50
I love to their bread so much; espe
cially Sunshine Cookies Bun.
It taste like a cookie, bread and cupcake.
Not sure how to describe it, it is just 3-in-1.
Since Fuwa Fuwa sells their own breads, customers do not need to worry the freshness of it.
All breads are freshly produced with limited amount.
Sometimes, I will buy for tea break or keep them as tomorrow breakfast.
The bread is soft even it was kept until the next day.
**Fuwa Fuwa gives 50% discount for member and 30% discount for non-member when purchasing bread between 5pm – 7pm**Back to the food review that day,
we were served with couple of dishes.
Fuwa Fuwa concerns a lot on healthy meals, thus they use organic ingredients to cook and cook without MSG.

Classic Carbonara @ RM17
Normally I will not order Cabonara Spaghetti as my main course because it is too creamy. However, with Fuwa Fuwa’s homemade sauce, it is not as heavy as the pre-made sauce.
Tropical Chicken Chop @ RM15
Tropical Chicken Chop is always the first choice when I dine in Fuwa Fuwa. Highly recommended by the lady boss, this chicken chop was grilled and again with their homemade sauce. For whom who does not eat spicy food like me, the sauce may taste somewhat spicy. However, I urge you to try it out; else you may miss the perfect taste of this chicken chop.
Grilled Chicken Burger @ RM15
If you love burger, you will love this Grilled Chicken Burger. The bread is whole grain bread, which was baked by Fuwa Fuwa. The grilled chicken is same as what we have for chicken chop. They offered two layers of chicken, thus, you will not feel hungry if you have this as your lunch.
Chicken Schnitzel Salad @ RM12
Don’t feel like having heavy meal today? You may choose Chicken Schnitzel Salad. One of the light meal served in Fuwa Fuwa. The chicken is soft to bite. Although it is crunchy, it doesn’t like the crispy chicken we have at other restaurant, the chicken was coated only with a very thin layer of flour mixture, like the picture above.
Creamy Mushroom Soup @ RM9

Obviously you will notice the mushroom soup is different from the mushroom soup we have at other place. This mushroom soup was heart-fully prepared by the chef, with 3 types of fresh mushroom imported from oversea. It defeats all the mushroom soup I have before. I can’t stop myself to drink it. Not so creamy like the canned mushroom soup, a perfect match with main course!

Ladies and gentlemen, hope you are not overwhelmed.
End of the food part, let’s see what drinks we have had that day.
Fuwa Fuwa served coffees, tea and smoothies.

Cafe Mocha @ RM10
Cafe Latte @ RM9
Hot Chocolate @ RM9
Flat White @ RM10

Some arts faded because we have to take turn to photograph it. =(
But it doesn’t affect its taste!
If you know me more, you know that I am not a coffee lover.
No doubt, the hot chocolate is mine~
The coffee beans and coco used by Fuwa Fuwa are high quality.
So, the smell and taste will not let down their customers.

Well well well~~~ It is almost ending….
Remember I mentioned about member earlier?
Yes! Fuwa Fuwa offers membership to their customers.
With RM15, you may become their member (Fuwa friend) for 2 years!
Not only having more discount when purchasing breads, you may also receive:

  • 5% discount off from total bill (If you’re STUDENT, you can get 10% discount off from total bill)
  • Special discounts on selected buns
  • Birthday Tokens (FREE a slide of cake)
  • Monthly promotion & monthly surprises

Overall, Fuwa Fuwa is a place that suits for whole family; either kid or adult will love here much.
For students, you can come over here for your group discussion.
They provides free wifi.
Most importantly, even Fuwa Fuwa close at 7pm,
customers can still stay till late at the chilling area as long as the customers help them to turn off the lights there.
So what’s better than a free space when you really need a big space to do your group assignment? 😉

Okay, here’s the end of the review at Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Cafe.
Hope you enjoy this writing, I will be back soon.
Have a fluffy day!

Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Cafe
Address: 100-1.37 & 100-1.41, The School, Block J, Jaya One
72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Operating Hours: 10AM – 7PM (Close on Sunday)
Contact: +603 7491 4866
Email: info.fuwa@gmail.com
Facebook FB Page: Fuwa Fuwa Bakery Cafe


  1. Wow looks like cozy place ^^ The foods look nice, tempting and cute! More than I could expected xD You took the images very nicely too 😀 Thanks for sharing ^^
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  2. I wish there was a place like this around here! It is so cute, love the cupcake classes, and everything looks super yummy!

  3. Looks like a lovely place to hang out! Love the food pics.. they look yummy!
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  4. Oh myy all these food makes me really hungry! 😀 these cafe really have nice style, i do love the also have a bakery class for kids, the cupcakes looks soooo cute!

  5. This cafe is just amazing. I love the cup cakes the kids created and the pictures of the food made me drool. And excellent job with the review. Keep it up 🙂

  6. yummy! yummy! yummy! PS what camera do you use? amazing photos. GIG
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  7. this is such a cute place to go for spending quality time with friends …I wish there was a place like this around here everything looks super yummy


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