Althea Korea: Beauty Meets Korea

Good day sweeties! Can’t wait to share you on my beauty haul from Althea Korea which has just arrived yesterday! Before going into details, how much do you think I have spent on this round? Keep the answer first, I will disclose the answer at end of this post.
I know some of you have not heard about Althea Korea yet. FYI, Althea Korea was officially launched on 1st July this year. It is a brand new online store, which sells Korean beauty products. Forget about counterfeited products, because they are directly ship from South Korea to Malaysia! 
The ordering way is similar to other online stores. Register an account, add products to cart and checkout. Thus, I am not going too much into details. The only difference is Althea provides another option for payment, which is via Paypal. I think, it is more convenient to shoppers. 
If you are thinking purchasing is more expensive since it is directly delivered from Korea, you are wrong. In fact, Althea offers shoppers with jaw-dropping price!  Based on my own experience, Althea is the CHEAPEST k-beauty online store! Check out the great deal below.
Althea: RM15  |  Lazada: RM25  |  Hermo: RM29
Coming to the delivery, the expected parcel arrival is within 10 – 15 days. I ordered on July 1, received delivery notification on July 3, meaning that it only takes 6 days (including weekend) to reach my doorsteps! It is definitely exciting! And I am satisfied with the courier service, the staff was polite. He gave me a call, informing me when he is going to send me the parcel. The parcel was nicely packed, with layers of bubble wraps. 
It was an awesome shopping haul with Althea Korea. They treat their customers with 100% love and care, make sure every product reached in the finest condition to the shoppers. To be honest, I can’t wait to do more shopping with Althea. 

Before ending up this post, remember I ask you to guess how much I spend on this round shopping? The answer is RM136! It is super CHEAP! All items are full-sized. You can search for their normal price and you will agree this is cheap.

FYI, the promotion/great deals as below:

  1. FREE international shipping above RM100 purchase (until 31 July 2015)
  2. RM20 discount code for shopper who spend above RM150 (discount code: ATA150)
  3. Special deal as cheap as RM1 or buy 1 free 1 with discounted price every 3 days. 

Still can’t believe this awesome online store? Check it out yourself now!

Find/Follow Althea Korea at:
Instagram: @altheakorea

**This is not a sponsored review, Althea is too awesome to share!**


  1. I tried my luck to get this review but not selected. This is one alternative for those Korean beauty junkies. Love you shopping haul!!!

  2. I just received my parcel too! It really is super awesome 😀 wish they had more brands to choose from, i’m pretty sure they’ll someday be one of the top sites for korean beauty brands!

  3. That’s a bargain! So many products for below RM 150. You actually got me clicking on the website haha, even though I may just window shop 😛

  4. I am so happy when I found Althea. The products will be shipped directly from Korea and it gives us a confident to shop with Althea.

    • Thanks Tammy. More comments from readers now. Some are from SG. They are excited about Althea too. They are curious when Althea can ship to SG.

  5. Looks like a pretty good set. Interesting how they now have an online store exclusively for Korean beauty products! Just so many of them.

  6. i checked it out babe and aghhh! They only ship to Malaysia at the moment!! So ship to SG soon! The price is really good, especially for Laniegh!

  7. Yup, this is the first time I’m hearing about Althea Korea. But what I do love about it is how we can purchase authentic, Korean skin-care products. There’s been an increasing demand and love for Korean skin-care products and there have been various products coming out. It’s scary to just purchase anything from shops so it’s good that Althea Korea has its stuff online.

  8. I too heard that Althea products are wonderful and got to hear from many friends that specially korean face pack do wonder to skin.

  9. Korean stuff are still popular, so that’s definitely useful especially for Malaysia when the country is big and goods are not readily available

  10. It’s nice that they have more options when it comes to modes of payment. It’s also great that they offer them at really reasonable prices.

  11. Based on Korean’s beautiful skin, I think that they have the best beauty product around. I can’t wait to spread the news about this new site to my friends should they visit.

  12. Have you try Piolang 24K Gold Mask? I love that mask!!! Read my haul too
    <a href=””>Althea Korea’s Haul </a>

    • Awww… I see. But how about credit card or debit csrd. Guess you can just register a paypal account and link it to your card. You don’t necessarily to topup into paypal.


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