3D2N Redang Island Snorkelling Adventure

Finally, I am sharing about our 3D2N at Redang Island! In fact, Danny and I went there in March, the first day/week that Redang Island re-opens! It was my second time snorkelling, yet, the first time truly experience snorkelling.
For those who don’t know about Redang Island. Here’s a short brief about it:

Located at Kuala Terengganu, Redang Island, locally known as Pulau Redang or just “Redang” is one of the largest islands off the east coast of Malaysia that is famous for its crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and the marine fauna with numerous reefs. It is one of nine islands, which form a marine park offering snorkeling and diving opportunities. Access is from Merang or Kuala Terengganu on boats operated by the resorts.

When to visit?
March – October is the best visit time. Since Redang Island is located at the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, it is affected by the monsoon season yearly from November till February. And also, I would recommend you to visit during off-peak season if possible. The island is always crowded during peak season; meanwhile, resort package is more expensive too. **We went there during off-peak season, still, it was crowded! Imagine if you are going in peak season, you don’t really get to enjoy and relax at this beautiful island**

How to go Redang from KL?
Option 1: Take flight from KL to Kuala Teregganu. Then take ferry at Shahbandar Jetty/Merang Jetty.
Option 2: Take bus from KL to Kuala Teregganu. Then take ferry at Shahbandar Jetty/Merang Jetty. (normally will go Shahbandar Jetty because it is only 5-minute drive from bus station; meanwhile, Merang Jetty is 40-minute away from the bus station)

If you can get pretty cheap and affordable airfare, this is highly recommended because it is less time consuming and is less tiring. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to get the air tickets. We went there by bus the night before. It took around 8 hours. There are a lot of bus operators from KL to Kuala Terengganu, you can choose it yourself. We recommend you to choose Sani Express because the seat is comfortable and a socket is provided at every seat. 
**Purchase your bus ticket >> http://www.saniexpress.com.my

Touched down at Kuala Terengganu around 5.30am. We would have to wait for minivan (arranged by travel agency which we purchased our package with) until 7am. Basically, you have nothing to do there except walking around or find a place to take a nap. Finally 7am and picked up by the crew. He brought us to Terengganu Chinatown for our breakfast. To be honest, there has no much choice on what to eat in this early morning. 
FYI, the ferry will depart at 9am. You need to reach at 8.30am. Thus, you can actually slowly having breakfast and walk around. Recommend you to take a walk at Turtle Alley (just right beside restaurant at Chinatown). There are a lot of artworks by children, talking about the fact of sea turtle and how we should protect them. 
Afterward, we headed to Shahbandar Jetty. In general,  everyone who goes to Redang Island would have purchased their package/booked the resort beforehand. Hence when you reach jetty, find your resort counter and collect your ferry tickets. If you are going for snorkeling, you would have to pay RM5 for the marine park entrance fee. 
It took around two hours to reach Redang Island. However, the ferry couldn’t send us directly to the island. We would have to interchange at the middle of the sea. It is highly recommended to wear short pant and slippers when you are going/leaving, because you somehow will step on the water when unloading your thing and report yourself to your resort. Every tiring effort worth when seeing this beautiful scene! 
Awww!! Finally, we were there! When getting down from the boat, you will see a lot of resort crews are welcoming you. They will ask which resort you are and help you to carry bags. We were lucky because we booked Redang Beach Resort, it didn’t need a lot of walking! Meanwhile, the facilities were above expectation!

Package purchased from >> http://malaysiaresorts.com.my
Queued for check-in and listened to briefing by the resort crew, we finally put all our things in room and refreshed ourselves. Then, went for our lunch quickly so that we can have more time to prepare for our snorkelling. Undeniably, it was a little rush but who cares when you see this stunning sea view?
The first snorkelling was at 2.30pm. Everyone who wants to go for snorkelling was required to wait at diving centre. Briefing was given by the crew on how to wear the life jacket and how to use the snorkel. 
Note: Leave all your things in your room except things you need for snorkelling such as camera or bread (as the feeder). Remember! Bring only thing that is necessary! You don’t need to bring along your towel. It will still get wet when you are going up the boat!
The crews brought us to the snorkelling spot and yes! Start getting into the sea! 
In total, we went for 3 snorkelling adventures including the one at the marine park. The first was the first day upon arrival while the other two were the next day morning and afternoon. Sadly to say, we saw a lot of dead corals and also some dead fishes.
Below are photos at the marine park.
If you still don’t get enough snorkelling adventure at these spots. You can have your own at the sea bank near to the resort. Well, we had a little luck there because we saw crown fishes during our own snorkelling time!
Of course, other than snorkelling, we had our walk at the beach during evening. Try to relax as much as we can!
This is my first time seeing such crystal clear water! I was so excited! And I started falling in love with sea~
Watching sunset is a must do thing here too~ How can you miss this in an island?
At night, we also went to watch starry sky at the beach. You can’t believe this~ But we didn’t lie! We saw Milky way in our bare eyes at Redang too. Well, joyful moment always passes faster! 3D2N trip ended. It was a great memory for us and we had started planning more island hopping plan too! Hope you enjoy reading our trip at Redang. And if you are going/planned to go Redang, hope this short write-up gives you a better insight about it. If you have any question, feel free to drop me a comment below. I am glad to answer your doubt if I can help! 


  1. My gosh, the sea water is very, very clean, the corals are healthy and the place is very clean and there’s space to walk around.

  2. i always wanted to visit redang, but is it advisable for someone who doesn’t swim or likes water?
    the part of interchanging in the middle of the sea sounds frightening!

  3. Snorkeling is one of my husband and daughter’s favorite activities when we go to the beach. We always choose a place that has snorkeling available. Redang Island looks lovely! I wish we could visit there soon. 🙂

  4. Doesn’t March – October coincide with the rainy season as well? I guess it becomes a bit risky travelling in those months. The place looks gorgeous though, the pristine crystal clear waters are really so breathtaking! Beautiful island!

  5. The pictures are so good. Is that one giant tortoise real? The beach island looks so clean and there are only a few people. I don’t like it when a place is already heavily packed with other tourists.

  6. I have not been to redang but was planning for a trip and your post came at the right time. Amazing place it looks and so clear.

  7. Nothing quite like vacationing with loved ones! You two look like you had a ton of fun! Hope to visit Redang Island myself someday soon! 😀

  8. The first time I knew about Redang Island was from the Hongkong movie “Summer More More Tea – 夏日麼麼茶” and heard stories from the crew how much they have to clean up the trash to film the beautiful beach.
    Now many years down, this place now has truly transformed into its real and natural state; and it is indeed, beautiful.

  9. I went Redang once during Malaysia Tourism trip… Too bad, we were given only half a day there. How I wish we could stay there longer!

  10. Awesome photos! Very nice scenery and crystal clear water : ) Am going Pangkor end Sept, Redang will be my cuti cuti malaysia next year 🙂 Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  11. I am not much of a beach or a snorkeling person even if my country has beautiful beaches. However I have had memorable snorkelling experiences, the best of which was with a whale shark.

  12. Snorkeling is so much fun! Looks like you guys had a great time. And the resort looks so beautiful and relaxing. I love your pictures – you represented the place well!

  13. I miss Redang and the snorkeling there. The last time I went to Redang was during my company trip in 2011 it has been 4 years ago. Wish to go back there again soon.

  14. Those artworks look amazing, especially the coconut tree drawn at the house. The beach looks absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to feel the sand and salty water on my feet again.

  15. I have always wanted to visit Redang, and dive into its pristine waters, but I haven’t yet! The long road trip from SG is a bit of a deterrent …

  16. wow, that sounds so much fun! i definitely want to visit there someday!
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